EUKI Newsletter

EUKI Newsletter

Date: 14  April 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues from the EUKI Community, 


Federal Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze has officially announced that the EUKI Networking Conference will take place in autumn 2021. At the conference, implementing and partner organizations, as well as alumni of 128 EUKI projects, will come together. They will explore ideas for a sustainable European recovery, discuss current issues around the European Green Deal and develop new strategies and projects for its implementation. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the persistent uncertainties, this year’s EUKI Networking will take place online. At the EUKI Secretariat, we are, on the one hand, saddened that we won’t be able to meet and exchange with all of you within the entire EUKI Community in person. On the other hand, gathering online allows us to connect even more climate activists from across the continent and invite external speakers from near and far. Currently, we are setting up a platform for networking and exchange among all participants to facilitate and foster the inner-European dialogue on climate action. Please stay tuned: We will communicate more details on the 4th EUKI Networking Conference on our EUKI Website in June. 


Meanwhile, after two years in the making, EUKI project BEACON has published a comic book to convey the spirit of European collaboration and exchange on climate change to a broader audience of school children and adults alike. The book is available in English and German and follows siblings Sofia and Gabriel from their hometown in Portugal on a train journey across Europe. They come across different landscapes, countries, and people on their trip and learn how communities across Europe are coming together to fight climate change. We invite you to share the comic with your community and inspire the people around you to engage in climate action. You can download a free pdf version of Climate Change Challenge and find the instructions on how to get a printed copy of the book here


Below, you will find more of the latest stories, articles, and news from the EUKI Community, as well as an interview with Lubica Simkovicova, coordinator of our first project dedicated to pro-climate architecture.


Enjoy reading and stay safe & sound!


Yours sincerely,


Stefan Bundscherer


Director European Climate Initiative (EUKI)

“EDINA – Energy-efficient development of special revitalisation zones and urban areas” 

EUKI project EDINA summarised its series of three workshops on energy efficiency in Polish revitalisation areas. 

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Connecting the Dots: Education and Renovation in Romania

EUKI project BEACON held a workshop on 23-24 February entitled "Climate Neutrality – Better Buildings – Better Future" with participants from municipalities, schools and the national government in Romania.

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Climate Change Challenge – A Comic by EUKI Project BEACON

The team behind EUKI project BEACON has launched the comic "Climate Change Challenge". After two years of work, the book has been published in German and English and is now available on the EUKI website. 

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Three4Climate Position Paper: Including the ‘whole school approach’ and SDG’s into everyday school life

In the Three4Climate (T4C) Campus school edition, teachers and headmasters from the six Three4Climate schools discussed barriers and solutions for integrating climate action into teaching.

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Building an Energy Community in Epirus

EUKI Project EUCENA held a workshop on energy communities specifically addressed to the residents of the Epirus region in the North-West of Greece.

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Tools and instruments for gender-just energy communities. EUCENA Gender and Energy Session #2

In the second "Gender and Energy" online workshop session by EUKI project EUCENA, the focus was laid on the specific tools and instruments for gender-just energy communities. 

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Sustainable Mobility on the Way to School: Sample Projects from Germany and the Czech Republic

In many places it is nowadays common for parents to drive their children to school every day. This creates traffic, unsafe situations and emissions. EUKI project BEACON’s partner cities Pirna and Písek addressed this problem in a handbook.

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Easing the Burden on Traffic and the Environment

EUKI project Cycleurban+ tries to establish bicycles as the most important means of transportation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other EU member states. In the past months, the project has set up cargo bike rental schemes in three cities. 

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Vertical Workshop: Aligning local energy management and national climate action in Greece

EUKI project BEACON has successfully held its last vertical workshop in Greece. This article wraps up the virtual meeting and the discussion.

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NEW guidance from the BEACON team to support your virtual meetings!

How can we design interesting and impactful virtual meetings? EUKI project BEACON has created a guide with many practical tips for virtual workshops.

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EUKI Interview: Architects for Future

We spoke to Lubica Simkovicova, project coordinator of the first EUKI architecture project. "ClimArchiNet" aims to change the approach to building design in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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