EUKI Newsletter

EUKI Newsletter

Date: 07 May 2020

Dear EUKI Community, friends and colleagues,


These unusual times are not easy for you or your families. Here at the European Climate Initiative, we have also had to consider new ways to approach our work: How can we organise cooperation for cross-border European climate action when borders are closed, when personal exchange and on-site training measures are no longer possible? We, too, have had to respond to these unusual circumstances: Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze, BMU Head of Division Dr Silke Karcher and I personally addressed all those planning to participate in video messages and, with heavy hearts, cancelled the annual EUKI Networking Conference in Berlin until further notice.


However, it has become very clear that climate protectors are highly skilled in adapting flexibly and creatively to new developments. Almost all of our EUKI Community climate projects have adjusted very quickly to the new conditions and, for example, have moved their offers online, thereby gaining valuable experience. We have complied some exciting stories about how cooperation and exchange aimed at protecting the climate can also work extremely well in the times of COVID-19 and how EUKI climate projects in Poland, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain are responding to the crisis with their own unique ideas.


It is in the spirit of the EUKI goal of making climate action in the European Union even more effective through the exchange of ideas and experiences that we would like to share these stories with you.


To make sure you don't miss any news about the excellent work being achieved by the EUKI projects, we recommend a visit to our website, Twitter channel or our new Facebook page.


Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Bundscherer
Director European Climate Initiative (EUKI)

Climate Projects and the Coronavirus Crisis

We have spoken to experts from various projects and countries and asked how they are managing the current situation with Covid19.

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The Eco-E.A.R.T.H. Project of YESclima

Students of the YESclima project have developed a proposal for a center, combining environmental education, innovative energy, gardening and plastic recycling.

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Continued Commitment for Climate Action despite the Crisis

It is important to make sure that the crisis response will not come at the cost of structural, long-term measures such as supporting the CEE region in its green transition, says Aleksander Śniegocki from WiseEuropa in Poland.  

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Making the Street of Your Dream a Reality

The "Living Street" project redefines the socio-economic and the aesthetic dimension of urban streets. The project’s kick-off took place in February.

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Virtual Conference: Financing Local Energy Transition

The EUKI project ALLIES invites to the virtual conference "Financing Local Energy Transition" on May 26.

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Networking and Support in Times of Social Distancing

The current times are a perfect opportunity to reconsider all our assets, says Leea Mihaila of the Romanian Network of Energy Cities (OER).

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Alternative Formats for Local and Regional Cooperation

How can cooperation and networking happen in times of Covid-19? We spoke to Evi Tzanakaki of the Greek organisation CRES.

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Energy Transition in Romania in Times of Covid19

Can there be more green jobs at the end of the corona crisis? We spoke with Alexandru Mustață of Bankwatch in Romania. 

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Keeping up the Climate Dialogue from the Home Office

Global issues like deforestation, wildlife intervention or the kind of markets with wild animal trade observed in China foster the risks for pandemics, says Radostina Primova of the Center for the Study of Democracy in Bulgaria. 

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Reduce, Optimise, Decarbonise: Pathways Towards Sustainable Mobility in Municipalities

More than 20 representatives of BEACON municipalities and experts exchanged views on how cities can shape the transition towards sustainable mobility druing a workshop in Kalamata, Greece.

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Energy Scout Trainings as Webinars – Successful Test Run in Bulgaria

Not just since the coronavirus have advanced training courses been offered online, but in the current situation digital solutions are in heavy demand – also at Young Energy Europe.

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Interview: Energy Audits, Youth Unemployment and Covid19

The EUKI project YESclima offers practical training for students on energy audits in buildings. Due to the spread of corona virus, the project work is now taking place online.

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Combining Green Roofs with Solar Power and Cooling

As a result of their study-trips in Berlin, the EUKI-YESclima teams from Athens and Cádiz have elaborated the general proposal Smart Roofs for cities in Southern Europe

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Will the Coronavirus Slow Down or Speed Up the Low Carbon Energy Transition in Poland?

Forum Energii asks the question how the current crisis will affect the energy transformation in the long term in Poland.

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Companies’ Sustainability Disclosures

Ten Energy Scouts from nine Greek companies presented their projects to the jury at the Herakleidon Museum on January 22nd.

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