EUKI Newsletter

EUKI Newsletter

Date: 15 February 2022

Dear friends of climate action in Europe,

"We want to be the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050. To this end, we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030," assured EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at an event in German media early February. Read in our latest newsletter issue with which new generation of projects the EUKI contributes towards this goal:

#Sustainable EconomyOur Croatian partners from the University of Osijek are focusing on the modernisation of landfills in Serbia, where over 3,600 landfills release 60,000 tons of methane annually.

#Climate EducationIn the news section you will learn how German and Portuguese teachers exchange ideas and how students mobilise for climate action.

#EnergyReading suggestion: The solar Photovoltaics market in the South East Europe (SEE) region is on the cusp of a significant transformation. The analysis by E3 Analytics and Agora Energiewende focuses on the rise of commercial prosumers in four countries across the region: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania.

Yours sincerly,

EUKI Team 



Climate Bridges

The Climate Bridges project team aims to form a climate action network in the Western Balkan to advance transnational climate policy in the region.

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The EDU-CLIC project team targets waste management staff and landfill operators and provides them with the necessary knowledge on how to make waste management more sustainable.

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Green Growth Partnership 2021

The Green Growth Partnership 2021 project team created a discussion space to advance the Fit for 55 package. Fit for 55 is a package of policy proposals on how to meet the EU’s climate target: reducing the…

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Balkan Solar Roofs

The project team engages city administrations and citizens in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in solar community energy.

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Humus per la Biosfera

The project team supports humus growth and carbon sequestration in Sicily's agriculture through field and educational work in schools and with volunteers.

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Science & Journalism for Climate Action

The project team strenghtens the ties between journalism and science to increase public awareness on climate change in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia.

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Unlocking the Solar Potential of Burgas and Sofia

The project team supports the energy transition in Burgas and Sofia (Bulgaria) by promoting the installation of photovoltaic systems.

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Key Take-Aways from Multi-Level Collaboration in the Three4Climate Project

The motto of the project “Think European – Act Local” already says it: Successful climate action requires thinking and collaborating across borders and across governance levels. The Three4Climate Survey showed…

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Three4Climate Final Event

Over 40 representatives as municipal and school officials, teachers, pupils and ministry representatives attended the final conference of EUKI project Three4Climate.

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EUKI Interview with Journalist Gašper Andrinek

EUKI spoke with Slovenian journalist Gašper Andrinek about his climate-related work as a radio journalist, podcast producer and festival organizer. He also revealed his plans for his fellowship under the…

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EUKI Interview with Climate and Economic Journalist Eva Frantová

EUKI spoke with Slovak climate and business journalist Eva Frantová about her time as a fellow of the EUKI project Central Eastern European Climate and Energy Policy Scholarship for Journalists…

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Virtual Study Tour to Brussels: 100% Renewable Energy for Europe is possible!

The EUKI project Climate Action Network Europe organized a virtual study tour for civil society actors from Central Eastern and Southern Europe working on energy policy to discuss how to…

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Three4Climate: Cities from Portugal and Germany explore climate action projects in Slovenia

The last virtual study tour within the EUKI project Three4Climate took the participants to Maribor and Kranj (Slovenia) in October 2021. The host cities presented their climate action activities in…

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GTL Start-ups from Crete in the Ruhr Area: Experience exchange for transition

The GreenTecLabs project motivates potential founders of green start-ups to develop business ideas in Greece, Spain and Slovakia. The five winning projects from Crete visited the Ruhr area together with…

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Together for a Climate-Neutral Europe

More than 300 participants from 31 countries gathered virtually at the EUKI Networking Conference 2021.

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Online Training: Convening Multi-Stakeholder Processes

20 participants from 12 European countries attended the EUKI Academy's multi-stakeholder training from 25 October to 11 November 2021 to learn how to bring differently thinking societal actors to the…

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Three4Climate inspires zero emission trip across Europe

To join a teacher exchange visit to Loulé in Portugal organized as part of the Three4Climate project, the two teachers from Bielefeld in Germany Jens Ohlemeyer and Tobias Dewald developed…

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Three4Climate: Teachers from Germany visited their colleagues in Portugal to exchange on best practices in climate education

The Professor Sebastião Teixeira School (Salir/Loulé, Portugal) hosted teachers from Celeirós School (Braga, Portugal) and from Friedrich von Bodelschwingh Gymnasium Bethel (Bielefeld, Germany) for a two day visit with a…

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EDINA: Study Tour to Germany from 18-22 October 2021

From 18 - 22 October 2021 thirteen representatives from six Polish cities took part in a study trip to Germany to learn more about energy efficient refurbishments of residential buildings.

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Journalists from Central and Eastern Europe Visit EUKI Climate Projects in Poland

From 3 - 6 November 2021 the International Journalist Programme (IJP) held the Energy and Climate Media Dialogue in Poland as part of the EUKI project Central Eastern European Climate…

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One year into the CLI-MA project: What has been achieved so far

This article of EUKI project 'CLI-MA - from Housing Manager to Climate Manager' describes the achievements of the project in its first year - from the analysis of the status…

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Creative autumn in GreenTecLab: First start-ups and new activities in the European GreenTecLabs (GTL)

The GreenTecLab project selected 11 green start-ups with innovative business ideas on climate action and sustainability to receive professional support and funding.

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Technical Dialogue on good practices to implement sufficiency in existing models

Key experts from the CACTUS project and sustainable energy scenario experts from the Nordic-Baltic region met for a technical exchange on integrating sufficiency into energy system models.

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Three4Climate Final Event: Think European – Act Local

Within the framework of Three Presidencies for Climate: Think European – Act Local (Three4Climate), the Final Event will conclude the project by presenting project highlights, offering interesting insights from external…

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It all Starts in Their Forests

In October 2021 Members of Slovenia Forest Service and Department of Forestry of Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana organised meetings with forest owners and managers in Slovenia, who own or…

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EUKI Project Interview: Hotels4Climate

For our EUKI brochure we spoke with Anthi Charalambous from Cyprus Federation of Employers & Industrialists (OEB) about the EUKI project Hotels4Climate. The project promotes GHG reduction among hoteliers in…

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Commercial Prosumers as Catalysts for Solar PV Adoption in South East Europe

According to the analysis by EUKI project "South East Europe Energy Transition Dialogue", the solar PV market in the South East Europe region is on the cusp of a significant…

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Ready for the Wave? Overlooked aspects of the Renovation Wave Initiative

In this background paper, Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe, DUH) highlights three areas of the Renovation Wave initiative that have received comparatively little attention but are nevertheless crucial to the…

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Status of the Territorial Just Transition Plans in central and eastern Europe

This study by Forum Energii analyses several scenarios for the development of electromobility and the impact of their implementation on national distribution grids.

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Promoting Renewable District Heating – Seven Policy Recommendations

Environmental Action Germany (DUH) makes in this paper seven recommendations to government that can make district heating a pioneer in decar-bonizing building heat.

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EUKI Community Film

This video illustrates the diversity of the EUKI Community, reflects its spirit and presents a variety of countries where EUKI projects are implemented.

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ALPACA – Alpine Partnership for Local Climate Action

The mountains of the Alps are threatened by climate change in various ways. This habitat is very sensitive and particularly exposed to climate changes. The EUKI financed project has helped…

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