Climate Debate in Central Europe

CIC2030 – Strategies for Financing the 2030 Targets

More than 50 participants attended CIC2030’s two-day workshop, discussing the “Climate Debate in Central Europe”. The key take-aways are presented in this Community article.

am Straßenrand geparktes Motorrad vor bunten Häusern und Straße

Living Streets – selection completed in Croatia and Greece

Living Streets

EUKI project Living Streets has selected partner cities in Greece and Croatia and will complete the selection in Portugal soon. In 2021, together with implementing organization Energy Cities, the partner cities temporarily block streets for motorized traffic and create urban hubs for people.

The European Energy Scout Award Ceremony went online

Young Energy Europe

For the first time, the Award Ceremony for all European Energy Scouts took place online from Athens. The German-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited the best European Energy Scout teams of the 2019 class. The Energy Scouts were honoured for their outstanding energy saving projects which are an ongoing contribution to making their companies more innovative, competitive, and climate friendly.

Webseminar Invitation: National Our Buildings Conference, October 28th

Accelerating climate action buildings – strengthening civil society and policy-makers in Romania and Bulgaria (Our Buildings)

EUKI Projekt Our Buildings invites you to join the Webseminar “Municipal Renovation Strategy – A Key Tool for Local Authorities to modernize their Buildings Stock, towards Sustainability and Energy Transition” on October 28.

Towards climate neutrality and better quality of life in Polish cities – multi-level dialogue

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

PNEC, Guidehouse and adelphi led a ‘vertical workshop’ that was organised as part of the BEACON project with a view to connect local and national decision-makers.

A success story: ‘’Schools Open to Climate Protection and Energy Savings in Athens – Berlin’’

Climate School Be.At – Open Societies and Schools in Climate Protection and Energy Transition

Thousands of students from 72 primary, secondary and high Schools in Athens as well as their teachers and families expressed their commitment to Climate Action. Looking back at more than two years of successful engagement at Greek Schools.


Advancing Climate Action and Education for Sustainable Development

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Representatives from schools and educational institutions as well as research and training institutions and local administrations in the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, and Germany came together to gain a deeper understanding of Education for Sustainable Development and the link to climate action in a virtual BEACON workshop.

Renovated and non-renovated multifamily buildings in Kula

Our Buildings supports multi-level governance dialogue on building renovation in Bulgaria

Accelerating climate action buildings – strengthening civil society and policy-makers in Romania and Bulgaria (Our Buildings)

EUKI Project “Our Buildings” visited four pilot municipalities in Bulgaria to support the systematic data collection of the building stock for the finalisation of local renovation strategies in close cooperation with mayors and local experts.

Vertical Workshop: Anchoring Climate Action and Energy Efficiency in Bulgarian Schools

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

The ‘vertical integration’ workshop sought to connect actors from the local level with policy makers in the national ministries.

Catalogue of ideas for campaigning for local climate action

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

PNEC, Energy Cities, and adelphi have compiled a catalogue of creative ideas for local climate action campaigns, activities, and initiatives.