Renovated and non-renovated multifamily buildings in Kula

Our Buildings supports multi-level governance dialogue on building renovation in Bulgaria

Accelerating climate action buildings – strengthening civil society and policy-makers in Romania and Bulgaria (Our Buildings)

EUKI Project “Our Buildings” visited four pilot municipalities in Bulgaria to support support the systematic data collection of the building stock for the finalisation of local renovation strategies in close cooperation with mayors and local experts.

100 international experts participated in the ALLIES Final

ALLIES – Activating and Learning from Local Investment in Energy Savings

The conference “Fostering Local Energy Transition” presented a cooperative floor for energy experts of different fields to discuss the potential of ALLIES in their respective countries.

BEACON Virtual Workshop on Nature-based Solutions

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

The BEACON project brought together more than 50 representatives from 24 municipalities and 6 countries in a two-day virtual workshop to discuss strategies to tackle climate change in their communities with the help of Nature-based Solutions.

Polish translation of “Climate Action Despite Tight Budgets – A Guidebook for Municipalities” now available!

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

The Community article links to the Polish translation of the BEACON publication “Climate Action Despite Tight Budgets – A Guidebook for Municipalities”.

Our Experience with Virtual Collaboration: Tips and Insights from the BEACON project

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Since countries across Europe initiated social distancing restrictions in March due to COVID-19, BEACON, like all EUKI projects, has been forced to rethink our ways of working in an effort to continue their climate action work. Read more about BEACON’s experiences with virtual collaboration.

Reinforcing the European Youth Employment Policy with the European Green Deal

YESclima – Young experts for climate-friendly schools in Mediterranean countries

Together with the “World Future Council”, the EUKI-project YESclima has published a proposal addressed to the European Commission. This blog entry provides further information about the content of the proposal and directs to the full versions in English, Spanish and Greek.

212 Energy Scouts trained after two years – a summary

Young Energy Europe

In late 2017, the project Young Energy Europe started in four European countries with the aim of qualifying energy scouts and thus helping companies to cope with climate change. 212 Energy Scouts from almost 90 companies in Bulgaria, Greece, the Czech Republic and Hungary have successfully completed the training.

Discussing participants

Making the Street of Your Dream a Reality

Living Streets

The EUKI Living Street project will allow a group of cities from Croatia, Greece and Portugal to redefine the socio-economic and the aesthetic dimension of their streets within the urban development framework.

Interview: Alternative Formats for Local and Regional Cooperation

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Most planned activities for the BEACON project in Greece had to be cancelled due to the spread of Covid19, says Evi Tzanakaki of CRES.

Interview: Energy Transition in Romania in Times of Covid19

Energy Transformation Debate in CEE

Accelerating the Energy Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe and Learning from the German Experience

We spoke with the Alexandru Mustață, national project coordinator for Romania, about the consequences of the corona pandemic, silver linings and the opportunity to create new green jobs.