ALLIES Energy Economy Week in Krk

ALLIES – Activating and Learning from Local Investment in Energy Savings

The Green Deal calls for new means to build energy efficient and low carbon economies. ALLIES and two other EUKI projects jointly invite practitioners, protagonists and policy makers to share their experiences, to learn about new tools to implement climate plans and to build new partnerships.

Training with Nature-Based Solutions for Polish Muncipal Experts

Climate Mitigation through Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Poland: Harnessing knowledge and experiences for climate-resilient cities (Climate NBS Polska)

As a part of Climate NBS Poland project, Sendzimir Foundation and Ecologic Institute organised a training programme for specialists involved in implementation of green and blue infrastructure and nature-based solutions in Poland. It comprised of a six weeks e-learning course as well as stationary, thematic workshops.

Young Energy Europe cooperates with KÖVET in Hungary

Young Energy Europe

Together with KÖVET, Young Energy Europe is planning a joint workshop in spring 2020. During the workshop Hungarian energy scouts will share their knowledge with current participants and KÖVET member companies in order to foster the dialogue between the two initiatives.

Picture of the conference audience

Transforming Farm Subsidies to Prevent Climate Breakdown

An Unavoidable Step After Paris: Cutting Emissions from Farming

Should the biggest share of the EU budget, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), drive progressive climate action or rather support the status quo in European agriculture? This was the question asked by the European Environmental Bureau at a recent event in Brussels. While most agreed that we need higher climate ambition, consensus was harder to find regarding the pathway that will lead the agricultural sector towards net zero emissions in 2050.

Saving Water, Electricity, and Fuel – Czech Dairy Madeta has the Best Energy Scouts 2019

Young Energy Europe

Ten teams of the Young Energy Europe project competed in Brno (Czech Republic) for the best project, presenting their plans for energy efficiency to an expert jury.

EUKI Briefing: The State of Renewable Energies in the EU – Insights from Poland and Greece

The EUKI Secretariat organised a get-together for an EUKI Briefing on “The State of Renewable Energies in the EU – Insights from Poland and Greece”. Marcin Ścigan and Effie Korma have been our guests and gave us interesting insights into the topic.

NGOs and Citizens in Estonia Call on the Prime Minister to Take More Ambitious Action to Achieve Climate Neutrality by 2035

Tackling climate change and Estonian energy policy: facilitating a meaningful dialogue about future

Three Estonian NGOs submitted a citizen initiative in support of climate neutral Estonia by 2035 to Prime Minister Mr Jüri Ratas. They call the Minister and the government to take more ambitious action to fight climate change.


WWF Bulgaria: Just Transition for the Coal-Mining Regions in Southwest Bulgaria

Just Transition Eastern and Southern Europe

The transition to a low-carbon economy in Europe is happening. A study and a documentary movie present the situation in Southwest Bulgaria.

Proklimatyczna sesja Rady Miasta w Sztumie

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Władze miasta Sztum, radni i urzędnicy są nie tylko zainteresowani tym, jakie działania miasto może podjąć w obliczu niekwestionowanych zmian klimatu, ale już realizują wielokierunkowe działania zmierzające do łagodzenia tych zmian i adaptacji do ich skutków.

New report: Scenarios for a just transition in Jiu Valley, Romania

Accelerating the Energy Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe and Learning from the German Experience

The NGOs Bankwatch Romania and Greenpeace launched a new report, “Just transition in Hunedoara – Economic diversification in a fair and sustainable manner”, outlining scenarios for the post-coal development of Romania’s best known coal region, the Jiu Valley.