Just Transition in the Car Industry

The project “Just Transition in the Car Industry” sets a just transition of the car industry in Central Europe in notion by combing climate change mitigation with social justice.

Alpe-Adria Clean Transport Alliance

The project “Alpe-Adria Clean Transport Alliance” enables local and regional governments in the Alpe-Adria-Region to decarbonise their transport systems.

CONGREGATE – Building Renovation and Renewable Energy Cooperatives

The project “Building Renovation and Renewable Energy Cooperatives” aims at promoting building renovation and renewable energy cooperatives in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Solar Adria

The project “Solar Adria” provides the necessary knowledge and capacity to increase solar energy utilisation in the Adriatic. Solar Adria supports experts from the sector and local decision makers in planning energy systems in Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro.

Climate Action Zlatibor

The project “Climate Action Zlatibor” establishes a competence center to provide public service employees in Serbia with the necessary knowledge and capacities to develop a local climate change mitigation strategy.

The journalist fellowship gathering in Berlin.

Climate and Energy Fellowships for Journalists in Europe

The “Climate and Energy Fellowships for Journalists in Europe” project connects interested journalists from Europe to build a network and get to know journalists in other countries. They learn about the specifics of reporting about climate and energy issues during the workshops and conferences.

CLIKIS Network

This project proliferates know-how of regional and sustainable meals in school kitchens. Bringing together experts on a local level, it supports a sustainable food transition on the local level.

Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Heritage Buildings

This project minimises the impact of Polish and Croatian heritage buildings on the environment.

Assessment of climate and environmental disclosures of companies from Southern, Central and Eastern Europe published pursuant to the EU Nonfinancial Reporting Directive (EU NFRD).