CLIMATE RECON 2050 – Intra-EU Exchange to Raise Awareness and Build Capacity on Long-Term Climate Strategies

The project’s core building blocks are the Policy-Maker Platform, a forum for governmental representatives tasked with developing long-term climate strategies to exchange experiences with developing such policy frameworks, highlight best practices and locate synergies, and the Technical Dialogue that brings together modellers and researchers to generate and exchange knowledge on decarbonisation scenarios development, analytical approaches and results presentation.

In 21 case studies, the BEACON project investigated successful national climate policies in the EU and their transferability to the German context.

Energy Transition Tax Credit CITE France

Factsheet: Energy Transition Tax Credit CITE (France)

The energy transition tax credit in France (‘Le crédit d’impôt pour la transition énergétique’, CITE) is providing an income tax credit for expenditures related to certain building renovation work to improve the energy efficiency of private dwellings or the modernisation of heating installations. Between 2005 and 2011, more than six million of the 34 million principal residences in France benefitted from CITE at least once. The study by Navigant and adelphi analyses the transferability of the climate policy measure to the German context.

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Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Bonus Malus Vehicle Incentive System France

Factsheet: Bonus-Malus Vehicle Incentive System (France)

The French Bonus-Malus System is one of the main climate policy instruments in the French transport sector and has successfully contributed to reducing average passenger car emissions since its implementation in 2008. The scheme uses revenues from fees for emission-intensive vehicles to finance bonus payments for electric vehicles (EVs) to incentivise the car purchase decision. The study by Navigant and adelphi analyses the transferability of the Bonus-Malus System to the German context.

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Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Biomethane Support Policy France

Factsheet: Bio-Methane Support Policy (France)

This study by adelphi and Navigant looks at French climate and agricultural policy, in particular ‘Le plan Énergie Methanisation Autonomie Azote (EMAA)’ (the energy methanisation autonomy nitrogen plan), and assesses its transferability to the German context. Together with a package of supporting policies, EMAA provides a supportive framework for the development of agricultural methanisation in France, being the production of biogas and bio-methane from agricultural and other wastes. The policies enable investment subsidies for research and equipment, as well as guaranteed prices for their bioenergy products, achieving emissions reductions directly in the agricultural sector and across a range of subsectors, including transport, waste, electricity and heat.

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Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Project video: Franco-German Energy Transition Week

Project video: Franco-German Energy Transition Week

The Franco-German Energy Transition Week adresses cities, municipalities and regions on both sides of the Rhine to cooperate in climate protection. The video introduces the project and gives local actors a voice.

Franco-German Energy Transition Week

Gewinner des Ideenwettbewerbs mit Urkunden auf Treppe

Franco-German Cooperation Fosters Energy Transition

During a conference in Paris, French and German local cooperation was celebrated as a way to accelerate the energy transition.

Hotel in den Alpen

Energy Management in Alpine Hotels

The conference “Energy Management in Alpine Hotels” was intended to encourage hoteliers in the Alps to implement energy management systems to gain a systematic approach on energy saving and performance improvement. It brought together stakeholders from the hospitality and other relevant sectors from all over the Alps in order to scale-up the knowledge transfer and networks initiated during previous projects.

Graue Berggipfel

Introducing the Partnership of Alpine Municipalities for More Climate Action at COP 23

Cities and municipal associations in the Alpine region are establishing a regional partnership for more climate action.