Congratulations to the winners of the Three4Climate school contest

Three Presidencies for Climate: Think European – Act Local

What is your vision of a climate neutral city, school, country or world in 2050? Students from the Three4Climate schools in Germany, Portugal and Slovenia were invited to come up with creative ideas to answer this question and take part in a student contest. Their submissions included essays, models, drawings and self-made videos.

BEACON Toolkit for Local Climate Change Mitigation

The Climate Change Mitigation Kit by EUKI project BEACON helps municipalities get inspiration for planning and monitoring climate change mitigation actions. The publication is available in English, Czech, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian.

Three4Climate Position Paper: Including the ‘whole school approach’ and SDG’s into everyday school life

Three Presidencies for Climate: Think European – Act Local

In the Three4Climate (T4C) Campus school edition, teachers and headmasters from the six Three4Climate schools discussed barriers and solutions for integrating climate action into teaching.

The publication “Guide to Virtual Collaboration” by Guidehouse offers an overview of advice and best practices for virtual collaboration. It presents solutions on how to make meetings more efficient.

Bike Cinema

Sztum reduces Emissions

With support from the BEACON team, Polish city Sztum joined the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. As part of their strategic approach to climate change mitigation, the city has refurbished nine municipal buildings including the installation of LED lighting systems and photovoltaics on the roofs. Also, an additional 125 renewable energy systems have been installed in local households. These activities lead to CO2 emission reductions of approximately 485t and 606t per year respectively.

Fostering Local Climate Action Finance through Vertical Collaboration

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

BEACON conducted a virtual vertical workshop with stakeholders from local and national levels on the topic of financing local climate action in Portugal.


The Three4Climate Campus series has taken off

Three Presidencies for Climate: Think European – Act Local

The Three4Climate Campus series offers both schools and municipalities the possibility of horizontal exchange with one another in regular meetings.

am Straßenrand geparktes Motorrad vor bunten Häusern und Straße

Living Streets – selection completed in Croatia and Greece

Living Streets

EUKI project Living Streets has selected partner cities in Greece and Croatia and will complete the selection in Portugal soon. In 2021, together with implementing organization Energy Cities, the partner cities temporarily block streets for motorized traffic and create urban hubs for people.

Catalogue of ideas for campaigning for local climate action

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

PNEC, Energy Cities, and adelphi have compiled a catalogue of creative ideas for local climate action campaigns, activities, and initiatives.