Just Transition in the Car Industry

The project “Just Transition in the Car Industry” sets a just transition of the car industry in Central Europe in notion by combing climate change mitigation with social justice.

GTL – Green Tec Labs

The project “Green Tec Lab” is addressed at creative young people and establishes support structures as well as an international network for green start-ups in Greece, Spain and Slovakia.


Easing the Burden on Traffic and the Environment

EUKI project Cycleurban+ tries to establish bicycles as the most important means of transportation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other EU member states. In the past months, the project has started to pilot cargobike rentals in three Europen cities.


“EmpowerClimate” aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of three Czech and three Slovakian municipalities by training energy managers, using climate and energy management systems and building a network of experts.

ClimArchiNet – Climate Architects Network

The project “ClimArchiNet” brings together actors in the construction sector to identify barriers to sustainability and solutions including innovative design via workshops and conferences.

Ivy climbing up a house wall

EUKI Interview: Architects for Future

We spoke to Lubica Simkovicova, project coordinator of the first EUKI architecture project. “ClimArchiNet” aims to change the approach to building design in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The journalist fellowship gathering in Berlin.

Climate and Energy Fellowships for Journalists in Europe

The “Climate and Energy Fellowships for Journalists in Europe” project connects interested journalists from Europe to build a network and get to know journalists in other countries. They learn about the specifics of reporting about climate and energy issues during the workshops and conferences.

Report on benchmarks for the Just Transition in EU member states based on coal exit plans from Spain, Canada, and Germany. The recommenations look at different issues that arise when workers from the coal sector get unemployed or change their jobs.

Improving climate and sustainability corporate disclosure policies to enable sustainable finance

Improving climate and sustainability corporate disclosure policies to enable sustainable finance

This report by Frank Bold presents an in-depth assessment of climate and environmental disclosures of 303 companies from Southern, Central and Eastern Europe published in 2020 pursuant to the EU Nonfinancial Reporting Directive (EU NFRD).

The aim of this research is to support companies as well as policymakers and supervisors in their mefforts to implement the EU NFRD, and substantiate the discussion on the legislative changes and standardisation of sustainability reporting.

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Improved Sustainability Corporate Disclosure Policies