Key Topics

The EUKI-projects work on the topics of Sustainable Economy, Awareness, Energy, Cross-cutting Climate Policy, Buildings and Municipalities as well as Agriculture, Soils and Forestry.


Climate Action to the Table: Educating on food sustainability

Bringing Climate Action to the Table

Slovenian organisation Umanotera and Spanish organisation Fundesplai have been hosting a series of educator trainings and visits to schools on the topic of healthy and climate-friendly food as part of EUKI’s Climate Action To The Table project.

Training forestry professionals – the key to optimise carbon sinks trough adapted forest management

Forests for Future

EUKI project Forests for Future organised a series of workshops to educate decision makers and forestry professionals on the importance of active management in optimising the management of forest carbon stocks and adapting forests to the impacts of climate change.

New method proposed for assessing the benefits of road construction

Directing EU Funds towards Climate Neutrality

This study by Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) has shown that the use of the current EU guides has led to an unjustifiably high number of new road constructions.

A Database Bears Fruit

EUKI project ‘Directing EU funds towards climate neutrality’ gave recommendations to about 100 representatives of national and local governments, business groups and academics in 8 countries on the climate-friendly spending of 240 billion EUR in total. Through analysing 58 best practices from these countries, the team also formulated policy recommendations on public infrastructure investments that reached over 75 mio. people.

The Alpe-Adria Clean Transport Alliance Allied

Within 2 years, EUKI project ‘Alpe-Adria Clean Transport Alliance’ created a network of almost 300 organisations. Together they designed a toolbox enabling local governments in the 4 regions Styria, Croatian Adriatic, Slovenia and Montenegro to optimize the future locations of EV chargers. The databases of the toolbox will be expanded to 3 more regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and North Macedonia. Their best practice booklet features 22 examples of good practices in fostering the decarbonization of the road transport in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

South-East Europe’s first climate champions crowned

Climate Bridges

Climate protection across borders: on 9 November 2022, South-East Europe’s first Climate Champions were crowned in Sarajevo/BiH. From 40 projects submitted on climate protection and sustainability, an international jury of experts selected five, while two other projects received special awards.


Climate Action to the Table: Cycle of Conferences

Bringing Climate Action to the Table

The topic of the intersection between food and climate change is crucial in this day and age. The world food production system creates almost a third of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore one of the main reasons for the climate crisis we are experiencing right now.


Where Do EU Funds Go?

The EUKI project “Directing EU Funds Towards Climate Neutrality” operates an interactive database listing only project examples from CEE that practice efficient climate protection. Already, more than 25 entries show where money is being invested that is advancing the energy transition. Already in the first ten months, the project has reached 56 million interested parties as well as acting politicians in 8 target countries. Through the growing transparency, EU funds can be distributed more efficiently and directed to climate-effective projects.

EUKI project Solar Adria performed four feasibility studies for photovoltaic power plants in Starigrad in Croatia and Koper in Slovenia.  

Educational Tools To Approach Food Sustainability: Handbook

Educational Tools To Approach Food Sustainability: Handbook Escape Room Activity

With food production accounting for up to 37 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, changing individual dietary habits plays a critical role in combating climate change.

In this handbook “Educational Tools To Approach Food Sustainability – Escape Room”, the EUKI project Bringing Climate Action to the Table has put together a guide that will serve as an inspiration for educators, organisations and government agencies to address the relationship between our eating habits and climate change in formal, non-formal or informal settings in an educational and interactive way.

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Bringing Climate Action to the Table