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Humus per la Biosfera – Workshop on Pruning in Sustainable Agriculture

On Friday the 28th of April 2023 we organized a pruning workshop for interested local farmers in the context of our project “Humus per la Biosfera”. The workshop was held on one of Giacche Verdi Bronte’s olive fields under the guidance of Dott. Nunzio Grigoli, former member of the Sicilian Forestry Department and organic farmer. In total circa 20 people participated.

Humus per la Biosfera – Outdoor Environmental Education

In April we started the second round of outdoor lessons in the schools of the project region around Mount Etna. The children gain practical experience on how to set up a compost and learn about the importance of biodiversity and soil organisms.

Grünes Schema Start-Up_pixabay

GreenTecLab: Start-Ups of the month

The GreenTecLab project is establishing support structures and an international network for green start-ups in Greece, Spain and Slovakia. In this article you find the project’s start-ups of the month.

International Conference “Cities for Climate Neutrality” in Ljubljana with more than 150 participants from 12 countries

As part of EUKI project “CLIMASUM”, the international conference with an emphasis on the exchange of regional experiences and good practices of sustainable urban mobility, held in Ljubljana from 22 to 24 March 2023, gathered over 150 participants from 12 countries.

Renocally kicks off to decarbonise the Bulgarian, Romanian, and Slovakian Building Stock

The new EUKI project “Renocally” kicks off to promote capacity building for the implementation and financing of deep renovations to decarbonise the Bulgarian, Romanian, and Slovakian Building Stock.

Forests for Future – Summary Report

EUKI project “Forests for Future” is coming to an end. Here they summarise their measures and results of two years project work.

Humus per la Biosfera – Workshop on the Production of Plant Charcoal and Terra Preta

The project “Humus per la Biosfera” organised a field workshop on the production of vegetable charcoal and so-called Terra Preta under the instruction of the German engineer Jannis Grafmüller from “Ithaka Institute for Carbon Strategies”.

Romania’s Pathway to Climate Neutrality – Online Networking Event for Discussing Challenges and Opportunities

The “Romania’s Pathway to Climate Neutrality” webinar organised by EPG and EUKI discussed Romania’s Long-Term Strategy to become climate neutral by 2050 and encouraged experience-sharing, a public dialogue and closer collaboration of the specialised civil society.