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210 Energy Scouts plan to save 47,000 MWh of electricity per year in their companies

EUKI project Young Energy Europe is looking back on a year full of successes with over 200 Energy Scouts and nearly 100 projects established.

A case-by-case view on EU funding in CEE

CSOs participating in the project “Towards a Climate Neutral EU: Efficient Allocation of EU Funds” have created a database of interesting projects – exemplary and avoidable ones alike – to highlight how EU funds can be used effectively to achieve the European climate goals.

Just Transition in the Car Industry at Science Po’s Conference

Sarah Mewes, member of EUKI project Just Transition in the Car Industry, presented their research findings for “Perspectives on Just Transition” at the Science Po conference in Paris.

Humus per la Biosfera – Microorganisms for Humus Growth

Within our humus project, microorganisms are a central element of our research work as they play an important role in the conversion of organic
matter to humus. Together with international volunteers and students, we are experimenting to derive recommendations for action in agriculture and domestic composting.

Humus per la Biosfera – Indoor Environmental Education

The projects’ indoor school lessons on environmental education started again! The focus is on the relevance of soil for the climate protection and humus build-up which is brought closer with a children-friendly presentation created by former student trainees and international volunteers.

Grünes Schema Start-Up_pixabay

GreenTecLab: Start-Ups of the month

The GreenTecLab project is establishing support structures and an international network for green start-ups in Greece, Spain and Slovakia. In this article you find the project’s start-ups of the month.

Humus per la Biosfera – “Terra Preta” for Carbon Sequestration

In various experiments we explore the practicability of Terra Preta as a climate and fertility solution in the smallholder agriculture in Sicily.

Journalism for Climate Action

As part of the Climate Action to the Table project, partners from Spain and Slovenia have been organising live and virtual events and conferences on the topics of climate friendly and sustainable food.