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The European Green Deal in Times of the COVID-19 Crisis: Perspectives and Priorities from Different Member States

Members of the EUKI Community presented a webseminar on the topic of “The European Green Deal in times of the COVID-19 crisis: Perspectives and priorities from different member states”.

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Webseminar: How to hack local community activation in cities in times of a lockdown?

We are glad to invite you to a webseminar on “How to hack local community activation in cities in times of a lockdown? – Lessons from Križevci (Croatia)” on Monday 18 May, 11:00-12:00 CET.

The Eco-E.A.R.T.H. Project of YESclima

Students of the YESclima project have developed a proposal for a center, combining environmental education, innovative energy, gardening and plastic recycling, with the motive that all these functions together will have an ecological and environmental-friendly impact on the surrounding area.

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Making the Street of Your Dream a Reality

The EUKI Living Street project will allow a group of cities from Croatia, Greece and Portugal to redefine the socio-economic and the aesthetic dimension of their streets within the urban development framework.

Digital Expert Workshop: Urban Nature-Based Solutions in Germany

On 5 May 2020, the expert workshop “Urban nature-based solutions in Germany – experiences, successes and future challenges” will take place.

Interview: Energy Transition in Romania in Times of Covid19

We spoke with the Alexandru Mustață, national project coordinator for Romania, about the consequences of the corona pandemic, silver linings and the opportunity to create new green jobs.

Interview: Keeping up the Climate Dialogue from the Home Office

We spoke with Dr. Radostina Primova, Senior Analyst at the Center for the Study of Democracy, about the importance of strengthening local economies, how this should be connected to climate action in the European Union and about the ecological factors which have influenced the Corona crisis.

Reduce, Optimise, Decarbonise: Pathways Towards Sustainable Mobility in Municipalities

More than 20 representatives of BEACON municipalities and experts exchanged views on how cities can shape the transition towards sustainable mobility druing a workshop in Kalamata, Greece.