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Incentives for Energy Savings in Schools: Examples And Reflections

Experience from Germany, Bulgaria and Poland shows that it is possible to reach 2-4 percent energy savings per year by implementing simple behavioural energy efficiency measures in schools. This can add up to 10-15 percent per year depending on the local context. How can these projects be introduced? What other benefits do they offer beyond energy savings? What key institutions and persons are needed to establish long-lasting structures?


Webseminar: A European Green Deal – Striving to be the First Climate-Neutral Continent

The 5th webseminar of the EUKI Academy on 29 January 2020 approaches the topic of the European Green Deal. Mateja Kahmann (German Federal Ministry for the Environment) and Klaus Roehrig (CAN Europe) will present key points and answer questions from the EUKI Community.


Workshop: Üvegházhatású gázok kibocsátásának csökkentése az agráriumban

The last of the five national workshops on agriculture and climate under the “Cutting emissions from farming” project has been scheduled for the 30th of January. It will take place in Budapest and the language will be Hungarian.


Projektabschlusskonferenz “Integrierte energetische Quartierssanierung”

Die eintägige litauisch-deutsche Konferenz am 23. Januar 2020 in Vilnius (Litauen) bildet den Abschluss des Projekts „Weiterbildung von Quartierssanierungsmanagern in Litauen“ und steht unter Schirmherrschaft des litauischen Umweltministeriums.

Training with Nature-Based Solutions for Polish Muncipal Experts

As a part of Climate NBS Poland project, Sendzimir Foundation and Ecologic Institute organised a training programme for specialists involved in implementation of green and blue infrastructure and nature-based solutions in Poland. It comprised of a six weeks e-learning course as well as stationary, thematic workshops.


Event: The State of Corporate Sustainability Reporting in the EU

The event on 17 February in Brussels will see the presentation of the research carried out by the Alliance for Corporate Transparency. The research included the preliminary assessment of the reports of 75 companies in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe,

Young Energy Europe cooperates with KÖVET in Hungary

Together with KÖVET, Young Energy Europe is planning a joint workshop in spring 2020. During the workshop Hungarian energy scouts will share their knowledge with current participants and KÖVET member companies in order to foster the dialogue between the two initiatives.

Plants growing out of coins

Webseminar: Climate Investment & Sustainable Finance: What progress and insights for the CEE region?

This webseminar on 18 December 15.00 to 16.00 CET will look at the emerging insights from the CEE countries and how they are beginning to track domestic climate investment and finance. Experts will also discuss how CEE countries are integrating this into the climate policy planning process and implementation.

Klimaschutz-Partnerstadt Pisek zu Gast in Pirna

Vertreter aus Pisek waren in Pirna zu Gast und haben sich mit den Experten vor Ort unter anderem zur Entwicklung einer nachhaltigen kommunalen Wärmeversorgung ausgetauscht.

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Transforming Farm Subsidies to Prevent Climate Breakdown

Should the biggest share of the EU budget, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), drive progressive climate action or rather support the status quo in European agriculture? This was the question asked by the European Environmental Bureau at a recent event in Brussels. While most agreed that we need higher climate ambition, consensus was harder to find regarding the pathway that will lead the agricultural sector towards net zero emissions in 2050.