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GreenTecLab: Green Recovery – New Start-ups and Projects for Greece, Spain and Slovakia

The GreenTecLabs project motivates potential founders of green start-ups to contribute to European Recovery and delevop business ideas and create jobs in three regions in Greece, Spain and Slovakia. The article gives a brief overview of the next steps of the project.

BEACON study visits going virtual

The idea with transferring the second BEACON study visit to a virtual format was to provide multipliers in the partner countries with some informative and illustrative best practice examples for local climate protection. The results were two 15-minute videos.

WTF is Climate Change?

WTF is Climate Change booklet is developed for teachers, educators, youth workers, and youth in general. It aims to make you ready to become part of the solution to the global warming problem. It contains all the necessary (and more) information about the causes and effects of climate change. Furthermore, at the end of the booklet, you will find a list of suggestions for what you can do personally to protect the environment and our society.

Launching Transformative Actions in Priboj, Serbia: “We Have a Deal!”

On 27 April 2021, RES Foundation hosted its initial workshop with the representatives of the municipality of Priboj, Serbia, and began preparatory works on the municipality’s Development Plan. The workshop brought together the municipality’s highest officials who will, alongside RES Foundation, be responsible for coordinating the process of preparing the municipality’s Development Plan.

Congratulations to the winners of the Three4Climate school contest

What is your vision of a climate neutral city, school, country or world in 2050? Students from the Three4Climate schools in Germany, Portugal and Slovenia were invited to come up with creative ideas to answer this question and take part in a student contest. Their submissions included essays, models, drawings and self-made videos.

The Albanian energy transition calls for the participation of citizens!

The energy transition in Albania is on and calls for the participation of citizens. This article provides an overview of electricity generation, (renewable) energy consumption and the development of energy communities in the country.

“EDINA – Energy-efficient development of special revitalisation zones and urban areas” (Summary of the three-Day Workshop Serie)

EUKI project EDINA summarises its series of three workshops on energy efficiency in Polish revitalisation areas. The workshops were adressed to representatives from Polish municipalities, the national Ministry of Climate and Environment, and NGOs.

Connecting the Dots: Education and Renovation in Romania

EUKI project BEACON held a workshop on 23-24 February entitled “Climate Neutrality – Better Buildings – Better Future” with stakeholders from municipalities, schools and the national government in Romania. The participants came together virtually to explore how to improve energy performance in school buildings and how climate action can be incorporated into the national curricula.

Three4Climate Position Paper: Including the ‘whole school approach’ and SDG’s into everyday school life

In the Three4Climate (T4C) Campus school edition, teachers and headmasters from the six Three4Climate schools discussed barriers and solutions for integrating climate action into teaching.

Building an Energy Community in Epirus

EUKI Project EUCENA held a workshop on energy communities specifically addressed to the residents of the Epirus region in the North-West of Greece. Citizens could learn more about energy communities, what their benefits are, and how they can be established.