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Humus per la Biosfera: Formation and Sensitisation for Humus Growth

The face-to-face conference was aimed at 82 high school agricultural students from two schools and their teachers (12), as well as GV staff, their volunteers and four university students. The live webinar was attended by 76 farmers who had recently participated in a survey conducted by GV/MHS and the University of Catania on the economic and environmental situation of their farms.

EUCENA presents: Renewable Energy Made Easy: The Course for You by EUCENA.

EUCENA is offering online courses to teach the methods and techniques of creating a energy community in your own neighbourhood.

Primary School in Polis Chrisochous, Paphos, Cyprus

Identifying the gaps and barriers in deep energy renovation of school buildings through UPGREAT

The UPGREAT project works to upgrade professionals’ skills for deep renovations which are needed to sustainably transform the buildings sector to fulfil high energy and low carbon emissions standards.

Nachhaltigkeit ist jung und bunt.

Important Milestones of EUKI project „Together for Sustainable School“

Euki project “Together for Sustainable School” team has launched the digital project platform for teachers as well as organized the youth conference to mark the final step of the Ambassadors program.

Prof. Wolfgang Feist / The “Father” of the Passive House Idea

As part of the ClimArchiNet project, The “Father” of the Passive House Idea Prof. Wolfgang Feist presented goals that focused on decarboniziation of the building sector at the International Conference “Connecting Buildings & Sustainability” which took place on 30 November 2021.

Dr. Jürgen Schnieders / Development of Energy Efficient Buildings

The premiere of Dr. Jürgen Schnieders’ video presentation on “The development of energy-efficient buildings and their impact on the climate” took place on November 30, 2021 during the live moderated broadcast of the Passive House Centre’s International Conference Connecting Buildings & Sustainability.

ClimArchiTrip / Six Pieces of Experience from Berlin

As part of the ClimArchiNet project in Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin, we prepared a 3-day study trip for a group of 24 experts from the Czech Republic visiting inspiring buildings with professional guides and an interpreter into Czech. The aim of this trip was to present 6 examples of current construction projects in Berlin.

Composting and other Environmental Activities in School Yards

16 Schools and more than 1700 children participated in Composting and other Activities in the second phase of EUKI project “Humus per la Biosfera”.

ClimArchiTrip – Sustainable Architecture in Austria

The ClimArchiNet EUKI project is coming to an end. On a final study tour, participants had the chance to discover sustainable architecture in Vienna.

Allocating EU Funds in CEE: A webinar

EUKI project “Directing EU Funds towards Climate Neutrality” organised a Web Seminar about recommendations on money expenditures from a climate perspective. Examples were presented by every country representative.