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Key Take-Aways from Multi-Level Collaboration in the Three4Climate Project

The motto of the project “Think European – Act Local” already says it: Successful climate action requires thinking and collaborating across borders and across governance levels. The Three4Climate Survey showed that most of the respondents in the Three4Climate cities and schools agreed that their cities needed to connect more with the EU level to better and jointly work on climate action. This is why one of the Three4Climate project’s aims was to foster multi-level collaboration for climate action. Now that the project has formally ended (see EUKI community post on the project’s final event), conclusions can be drawn on multi-level collaboration and its main achievements in the Three4Climate project.

Three4Climate Final Event

Over 40 representatives as municipal and school officials, teachers, pupils and ministry representatives attended the final conference of EUKI project Three4Climate.

Virtual Study Tour to Brussels: 100% Renewable Energy for Europe is possible!

The EUKI project Climate Action Network Europe organized a virtual study tour for civil society actors from Central Eastern and Southern Europe working on energy policy to discuss how to achieve a Europe powered exclusively by renewable energy.

Three4Climate: Cities from Portugal and Germany explore climate action projects in Slovenia

The last virtual study tour within the EUKI project Three4Climate took the participants to Maribor and Kranj (Slovenia) in October 2021. The host cities presented their climate action activities in different areas to the project partner cities Loulé and Braga (Portugal) as well as Bielefeld and Radolfzell (Germany). Through videos and expert presentations, visitors were able to experience the cities, learn about exciting projects and exchange ideas with their peers.

GTL Start-ups from Crete in the Ruhr Area: Experience exchange for transition

The GreenTecLabs project motivates potential founders of green start-ups to develop business ideas in Greece, Spain and Slovakia. The five winning projects from Crete visited the Ruhr area together with their project partners from Athens and Heraklion to exchange experiences.

Three4Climate inspires zero emission trip across Europe

To join a teacher exchange visit to Loulé in Portugal organized as part of the Three4Climate project, the two teachers from Bielefeld in Germany Jens Ohlemeyer and Tobias Dewald developed the challenging plan to undertake this long-distance journey with three different kinds of locally emission free means of transport: an electric car, the train and electric bicycles.

Three4Climate: Teachers from Germany visited their colleagues in Portugal to exchange on best practices in climate education

The Professor Sebastião Teixeira School (Salir/Loulé, Portugal) hosted teachers from Celeirós School (Braga, Portugal) and from Friedrich von Bodelschwingh Gymnasium Bethel (Bielefeld, Germany) for a two day visit with a focus on the exchange of good practices and experiences to foster the integration of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and climate action into daily school activities and lessons.

EDINA: Study Tour to Germany from 18-22 October 2021

From 18 – 22 October 2021 thirteen representatives from six Polish cities took part in a study trip to Germany to learn more about energy efficient refurbishments of residential buildings.

One year into the CLI-MA project: What has been achieved so far

This article of EUKI project ‘CLI-MA – from Housing Manager to Climate Manager’ describes the achievements of the project in its first year – from the analysis of the status quo on the Polish and Latvian housing management market to the implementation of surveys and various online events.

Creative autumn in GreenTecLab: First start-ups and new activities in the European GreenTecLabs (GTL)

The GreenTecLab project selected 11 green start-ups with innovative business ideas on climate action and sustainability to receive professional support and funding.