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Tools and instruments for gender-just energy communities. EUCENA Gender and Energy Session #2

In the second “Gender and Energy” online workshop session by EUKI project EUCENA, the focus was laid on the specific tools and instruments for gender-just energy communities. Moreover, the workshop provided observations and recommendations on how to put equality into practice.

Sustainable Mobility on the Way to School: Sample Projects from Germany and the Czech Republic

In many places it is nowadays common for parents to drive their children to school every day. This creates traffic in front of schools, which leads to unsafe situations, noise, and emissions that are harmful to health and climate. EUKI project BEACON’s partner cities Pirna (Germany) and Písek (Czech Republic) addressed this problem in a handbook.

Vertical Workshop: Aligning local energy management and national climate action in Greece

EUKI project BEACON has successfully held its last vertical workshop in Greece. This article wraps up the virtual meeting and the discussion.

Green roofs in the cities as a response to effects of climate change – GRAD final conference

After more than two years of work on the creation of pilot strategies for the development of green roofs, the summary and presentation of the results of the project took place online.

New data shows some, yet insufficient progress in companies’ climate and environmental disclosures at a turning point for sustainability reporting in Europe

EUKI project “Improving climate and sustainability corporate disclosure policies to enable sustainable finance” has analysed corporate disclosures across Europe and presents detailed findings. Only few companies provide sufficiently detailed information on their climate policies and risks.

Fostering Local Climate Action Finance through Vertical Collaboration

BEACON conducted a virtual vertical workshop with stakeholders from local and national levels on the topic of financing local climate action in Portugal.

Highlights from the first national virtual gathering of energy communities in Greece

Energy Communities from all over Greece gathered online to discuss their current projects and project development plans for a just and democratic energy transition.

Successful national conference in the frame of Our Buildings and Energy Efficiency Watch 4 on municipal renovation strategies

EUKI Project Our Buildings organised a national conference on municipal renovation strategies in Romania.

Event invitation “Building back better: Financing the transition towards low-carbon economy”

Invitation to an international discussion seminar „Building back better: Financing the transition towards low-carbon economy“ which will take place online on 9th December from 4 pm CET.