Establishment of a Local Competence Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Podlaskie Region

The EUKI project will enable the establishment of a competence centre for renewable energies and energy efficiency in the Polish Podlaskie region.

ZEWKlima – Future Opportunities in Energy Transition in Southern Europe

The ZEWKlima project carried out a study on employment opportunities in the fields of climate action and energy transition in Cadiz and Athens.

Exchange on green roofs in Hamburg in June 2019

GRAD – Green Roofs for Climate Adaption in Urban Areas

The EUKI project develops strategies for green roofs and green facades in eight Polish cities, drawing on experience from Hamburg.

Ambitious energy legislation to reduce the use of coal in private heating systems

The project raises awareness of air and environmental pollution in Poland. The specific goal is to ban coal from private heating systems.

ENCREMENCO – Enhancing the Capacities of Regions and Municipalities to Participate in Energy Communities

EUKI project ENCREMENCO promotes Greek energy communities through regional campaigns that target local stakeholders at all levels and in all sectors.

CLIKIS – Climate friendly Kitchen in Schools

The CLIKIS project disseminates approaches and measures for climate-friendly school meals in Poland.

CIC2030 – Strategies for Financing the 2030 Targets

The Climate Investment Capacity (CIC) project addresses the challenge of climate investment and builds new capacity in Czechia, Germany and Latvia. The project’s starting point is the relevant knowledge and expertise that already exists in this area, which it will then transfer and adapt to national circumstances with the help of implementing partners.

A Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the Climate

This project ncreases the awareness to make the EU budget climate-proof and impacts the outcome of the next Multiannual Financial Framework of the EU budget.

CEE Climate Policy Frontier

The EUKI project promotes climate protection measures in the buildings and transport sectors. Problems are analysed and possibilities for improvement are found.

People shape the form of a windmill in front of EU parliament

Bringing Germany’s Bürgerenergie to New Regions in Europe

Provisions of the European Clean Energy Package (CEP) must be implemented to promote public initiatives in the field of renewable energy.