Renewables & Modern Energy Solutions

Through a series of activities, the project wants to set a new tone on the renewable energy sources (RES) topic among the general public and local decision-makers in the Czech Republic.

Studienreise Projekt

Energy Transformation Debate in CEE

The project aims to change the political and public narrative in Central and Eastern European countries, providing positive perspectives on the opportunities of the energy transformation.

High Trust Network for Ambitious Climate Action

The project wants to enable dialogue on climate issues throughout all segments of society, forming the discursive basis for effective climate action, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe.

EnPover– Alleviating Energy Poverty in Municipalities

By fostering knowledge exchange through workshops and study visits and through creating relevant tools, the project empowers municipal actors.

Living Streets

The project wants to increase capacities of cities and networks in Greece, Croatia, and Portugal to engage citizens on energy and climate issues.

Cyclurban+: Mobility Change, not Climate Change

To foster cycling in urban transport, Cycleurban+ targets municipal staff and decision-makers as well as institutions at the national level.

Coordination Capacities for Sustainable Energy

The project targets four areas: three marginalized districts of Slovakia, in which pilot Sustainable Energy Centres (SEC) were set up, and Upper Nitra, a coal region in transition.

Low-carbon Healthcare in the Mediterranean Region

HCWH Europe’s latest Climate-smart Healthcare project will help develop the Mediterranean as a best-practice region for low-carbon healthcare .

Regions and Municipalities for a Just Transition

Recognizing that the phase-out of coal is urgent to achieve the net zero target by 2050, the project aims for robust Just Transition pathways.