Solar Energy for Multi Family Houses in Lithuania

Report: Solar Energy for Multi Family Houses in Lithuania

Multi-family houses in Lithuania have a huge potential for solar energy, which has hardly been realised so far. A study by the EUKI project now confirms the economic viability of investments in photovoltaic modules in the Baltic state. The authors Joris Nettestroth, Oliver Rosebrock, Knut Höller, Kęstutis Kupšys, Vitas Mačiulis and Inga Rovbutas recommend the creation of more favourable and flexible legal framework conditions and, for example, the creation of “energy partnerships”. In addition, homeowners and residents should be better informed about renewable energies, which many are still sceptical about. Lithuania’s long-term policy goal is complete domestic power generation by 2050, for which pure consumers must become “prosumers”.

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SOL: Solar Energy for Multi-Family Buildings in Lithuania