EUKI Success Stories

Every day, many exciting things happen in more than 100 EUKI projects that advance climate action in Europe. Many completed projects continue to have an impact, and ongoing projects trigger new events. Some stories stand out from the multitude of activities because they are particularly successful or simply because they have made a difference in a small way. We have put together some pleasant success stories from the EUKI community and will always add new examples to them.

Poland House Heating with Coal

A Breath of Fresh Air

"Clean Heat" developed a strategy to reduce air pollution in Poland. In the process, the Forum Energii team achieved sustainable results not only at the national, but also at the local level: The analyses conducted were published by the Polish Ministry of Climate in 2020 and contributed significantly to the decision to end coal in cities by 2030 and in villages by 2040.
7. October 2021
Rumänische Jugendliche beim Summercamp Workshop

Back to the roots

The REFE team organized a sustainability summer camp in Breb, Romania. More than 20 young people between the age of 12 and 21 learned through practical workshops how to raise their environmental awareness and reduce their ecological footprint. At the end of the summer camp, the young people underwent the second stage of the ecological footprint test. In this way, they were able to determine what they learned in the camp to reduce their energy consumption and in which areas they could still improve.
30. September 2021

Where’s my green Money at?

The “Landscape of Climate Finance” project team managed to map approximately 23 billion Polish Złoty (5.2 billion Euro) of public and private funds allocated for low-carbon investments in the buildings sector in Poland between 2014 and 2019. The findings threw more light on the matter: Amongst other things they were utilised as an input for the national long-term renovation strategy in Poland.
28. May 2021
Green Roof at ufaFabrik

Climate-friendly by nature

Following the invitation of EUKI project “Nature-based Solutions (NBS) Poland”, Polish landscape planners, engineers and local government experts visited Berlin’s most creative applications of NBS in August 2020. These range from a university building with a nature-based air conditioning system to Rummelsburger Bucht, Berlin’s “Sponge City”. Impressed by the possibilities, the Polish guests dedicated a session at the international conference “Blue and Green Infrastructure for Urban Climate Change Mitigation 2020” to adopting some of these solutions in Polish cities.
4. March 2021
Kids riding on stationary bikes to power the bike cinema

Bike Cinema

Using the bike cinema equipment provided by the BEACON project, seven bike cinema screenings with around 200 students were held across Bulgaria in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and Kilifarevo. By riding 10 bikes that powered a projector showing short films, students learned firsthand how much energy is required to power small devices and do everyday things.
18. January 2021
Panoramic picture of the city of Sztum in Poland

Sztum reduces Emissions

With support from the BEACON team, Polish city Sztum joined the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. As part of their strategic approach to climate change mitigation, the city has refurbished nine municipal buildings including the installation of LED lighting systems and photovoltaics on the roofs. Also, an additional 125 renewable energy systems have been installed in local households. These activities lead to CO2 emission reductions of approximately 485t and 606t per year respectively.
18. January 2021
Study Trip Zeche Zollverein

Common pathways

During four study trips to Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and Poland, 108 European stakeholders shared their experiences on coal mining. A total of 239 affected people working in coal regions took part in 8 capacity building workshops. Both measures created an atmosphere of trust and the basis for jointly developing plans for a just transition.
16. September 2020
Forum of Mayers for a Just Transition

Signatures for a Just Transition

A "Forum of Mayors on Just Transition” was established with 58 mayors from European coal-mining regions signing to a Declaration on Just Transition. It took place in Kozani (Greece) in 2018, in Weisswasser (Germany) 2019, and will be organised from Bytom (Poland) in 2020. Continuity, Communality and Fairness are the drivers of change urged by EUKI project “Regions and Municipalities for a Just Transition”.
16. September 2020
Escape Game Worms and Metz

Escaping the climate crisis with good ideas

Visitors of Escape Games in Worms and Metz could time travel from the future into 2019 to stop the climate crisis. Film fans enjoyed the green and borderless "Eco 2 Rives" film festival in the French and German neighbouring cities Straßburg and Kehl. These and 16 other actions were implemented as part of the ideas competition of the Franco-German Energy Transition Week; most of them in a cross-border tandem.
1. September 2020
Four cooks in the kitchen of a Polish canteen

Climate-friendly lunch

School canteens can significantly reduce their emissions by taking simple measures. The CLIKIS project has built on the experiences of a German project and carried out train-the-trainer activities to achieve a wide reach for climate-friendly school canteens in Poland.
28. July 2020
IJP Climate and Arts Night

Award-winning reporting

EUKI bursary winner Gergely Nagy won an award for Hungary’s best energy reporting in 2019. He was one of 14 participants in the 2018 EUKI exchange for journalists from central and eastern Europe, giving them an opportunity to find out more about climate change mitigation and environmental protection in European countries.
28. July 2020
ALLIES Workshop Prague

Good investment

The ALLIES project has stimulated investment in local energy efficiency projects worth a total of EUR 1,076,500. The projects, including the installation of solar energy plants, are being implemented in Germany, Hungary and Poland. Projects worth EUR 255,000 have already been completed, with projects involving investment of a further EUR 821,500 currently under way.
28. July 2020