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Smart Climate Communication – Why Communicators need to go beyond Facts

Facts or fiction? Science or stories? How can we communicate climate action effectively? In this Academy web seminar, editor in chief Carel Mohn will deep dive into the logics and key factors of smart climate communication.  

Everyone is concerned with global warming, climate policy or even climate change adaptation. Sooner or later, this always involves communication. Whether in companies or civil society, in politics or science, in authorities or the media it is necessary to write, discuss and listen about climate action. So, how can we talk about the climate in a way that motivates people to act? The EUKI Academy offers you an input by Carel Mohn, editor in Chief of, the leading German-language online resource on climate communications, focusing on the following core points: 

  1. Why the information deficit model of communication has failed us.
  2. Navigating disinformation: how to find a sober strategy in tackling discourses of delay.
  3. Key factors shaping climate awareness and the readiness to act. 
  4. The key role of cognitive dissonance in explaining pro-environmental behavior. 

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Event Date

14. December 2022

11:00 - 12:00 CET


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