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Virtual Workshop on Climate Action and Education for Sustainable Development

The BEACON-Team warmly invites you to the transnational virtual Workshop on Climate Action and Education for Sustainable Development.

The focus of the workshop is an exchange of good practice examples in the context of education for sustainable development (ESD) in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Romania.

Stakeholders from policy and public administration, science, educational institutions, and the EUKI Community have the opportunity to share experiences on climate action and education for sustainable development. In the workshop, participants will also identify proven climate protection examples or put them up for discussion. Technical discussions, examples of practical action, and input by experts will be followed by interactive discussions in small groups. In these country-specific groups, the implementation of good practice examples in the local context will be discussed and education policy options that promote climate action will be exchanged.


BEACON aims to strengthen bi- and multilateral cooperation and create common ambition to realise the Paris Agreement amongst national governments, municipalities and schools via joint learning, networking and tailored advisory services.

The Workshop consists of two sessions:

Session 1:
Thursday 24th September 2020, 12:00-15:30 CEST (Open for all EUKI-Community)

Block 1: Understanding education for sustainable development (ESD) with a focus on climate action, exchange of good practice examples and discussion with experts

  • What is the goal of ESD and the (international) implementation thereof in relation to climate change and climate action?
  • What are the possibilities to improve climate education and awareness in the context of ESD content, methods or infrastructure

Block 2: Small working groups:

  • How can examples of good practice be implemented in the local context?

Block 3: Discussion on the upcoming questions

  • Why should ESD be promoted in schools?
  • What benefits does ESD have for climate action and climate protection?

Session 2:
Friday 25th September 2020, 09:00-12:00 CEST (Only for the participants from Czech, Romania and Bulgaria)

Country specific program and topics on the background of education for sustainable development; method based on the “World Café-Method”.

  • Czech Republic: Climate protection programs in the context of ESD
  • Romania: Digitalisation, sustainability (Where are the opportunities and risks of digitization in relation to the transformation to a sustainable society?)
  • Bulgaria: Climate neutrality (How can ESD content, methods, and infrastructure be applied to achieve climate protection?)

: You will receive the link to the virtual Workshop hold on Zoom combined with your confirmation for participation. We are looking forward to see you there.

About the project:

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON) is a project promoting climate action and facilitating an exchange between national governments as well as municipalities and schools in Europe. The aim of the project is to strengthen bi- and multilateral cooperation and create common ambition to realise the Paris Agreement.

Event Date


For participants from Czech Republic, Rumania and Bulgaria: Friday September 25th 2020


Virtual Workshop via Zoom: Link follows after registration


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