Study Trip Zeche Zollverein

Common pathways

During four study trips to Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and Poland, 108 European stakeholders shared their experiences on coal mining. A total of 239 affected people working in coal regions took part in 8 capacity building workshops. Both measures created an atmosphere of trust and the basis for jointly developing plans for a just transition.

Forum of Mayers for a Just Transition

Signatures for a Just Transition

A “Forum of Mayors on Just Transition” was established with 58 mayors from European coal-mining regions signing to a Declaration on Just Transition. It took place in Kozani (Greece) in 2018, in Weisswasser (Germany) 2019, and will be organised from Bytom (Poland) in 2020. Continuity, Communality and Fairness are the drivers of change urged by EUKI project “Regions and Municipalities for a Just Transition”.

Four cooks in the kitchen of a Polish canteen

Climate-friendly lunch

School canteens can significantly reduce their emissions by taking simple measures. The CLIKIS project has built on the experiences of a German project and carried out train-the-trainer activities to achieve a wide reach for climate-friendly school canteens in Poland.

IJP Climate and Arts Night

Award-winning reporting

EUKI bursary winner Gergely Nagy won an award for Hungary’s best energy reporting in 2019. He was one of 14 participants in the 2018 EUKI exchange for journalists from central and eastern Europe, giving them an opportunity to find out more about climate change mitigation and environmental protection in European countries.

Projekt work in Spain

Recognising employment potential

YesClima demonstrates how climate change mitigation can go hand in hand with employment policy. In Cadiz and Athens, where youth unemployment is high, 22 young people have been trained to carry out energy audits independently. Many schools that have undergone audits are benefiting, but the scheme also boosts the long-term employment prospects of the young people themselves.

Electric Bus Epernay

Climate change mitigation concerns us all

Over 5,000 local people took part in a wide range of activities organized as part of the Franco-German Energy Transition week. 100 organizations conducted a total of 83 events in 70 French and German cities. People are enthusiastic about borderless climate action – and the topic is very much in line with the European ideal of cooperation.


Healthy and ultra-local

The Frutti per la Biosfera project involved 1,500 students from 11 schools in Sicily planting their own school gardens and visiting a range of organic farms. They got to know ancient cereals of Sicily or how to easily trace the origin of eggs. Through the practical part of the project, the children will then learn how to act sustainably and how to actively support climate protection themselves.

Children help build the seedbed

Children plant trees

Over the next 40 years, 2,497 newly planted oak trees will bind 600,000 kg of CO2 in Sicily. 2,497 schoolchildren each planted a tree, learning more about the importance of healthy forests for the climate and the dangers of climate change. They will benefit from what they have learned and from the positive impact of more trees.