EUKI Shorts: Is the EU’s green budget leading to climate action?

Published: 11 July 2022

About this tutorial

The EU has declared that 30% of its budget for 2021 – 2027 must be utilized for climate action. In their national and regional spending plans, the member states determine how these funds will be spent and herewith the direction and pace at which Europe will reach its climate goals. However, these documents do not always guarantee the optimal use of EU funds for the environment and climate. In this web seminar three experts talked about the reality of the situation and discussed what changes are needed in order to fulfill the goals stated in the European Green Deal (EGD).


  • Olivier Vardakoulias, Finance and Subsidies Policy Coordinator, CAN Europe ​
  • Dana Marekova, Coordinator at Climate Coalition Slovakia ​
  • Annamaria Nador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary

What topics does this EUKI Shorts cover?

  • A short outline of the most important milestones regarding EU funding instruments to advocate climate protection.
  • An overview of how the EU’s green budget is being implemented in the CEE region, whether it helps achieving the EGD goals and the potential shortcomings.
  • Insights into an EU-funded climate project in Hungary being carried out under the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR).
  • Recommendations on how to maximize the efficiency of EU funds in regard to achieving the EGD goals in the CEE region.

EUKI Academy Report

Here You can find a summary of this event EUKI_Academy_Report_EU_Green_Budget_in_CEE.

What‘s the duration of this tutorial?

22 min in 4 short videos