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The search is on for Europe’s best climate project ideas

The EUKI launches its 7th call for ideas to realise ambitious climate policies in Europe.

The application phase for project ideas to accelerate climate action in Europe opens on 25 November. Non-profit organisations from civil society, academia, the private sector, education and municipalities will have until 13 January 2023 to submit their proposals. The call for ideas is open to interested parties from all European Union (EU) Member States and the EU candidate countries in the Western Balkans.

Climate Action Starts on Your Plate – Plant-Based Alternatives

Climate action starts on your plate and is thanks to a huge selection of plant-based alternatives very easy nowadays. Two EUKI projects raise awareness among young people and adults on this topic.

Decarbonisation: How the Czech industry thinks about Sustainable Finance

Karel Voldřich is Head of Industry Decarbonisation at the International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC) and we talked to him about the decarbonisation of the Czech heavy industry, their work as an NGO and the importance of networking.

Portrait Štěpán Vizi

“Maybe we can benefit from that in the future”

At the #EUKICON22 Štěpán Vizi talked to us about the consequences of the energy crisis in the Czech Republic and how the government and new Czech EU Council presidency are coping with it. He is also talking to us about the role of EUKI in Central Eastern European countries and his Czech German podcast “Karbon”.

“It’s a huge volume of electricity generated on the roofs of people”

At the #EUKICON22 Ada Ámon talked to us about the consequences of the energy crisis in Hungary and how the hungarian people and the government are coping with it. She also talks to us about the huge solar potential of the roofs in Budapest and the first Solar map that she and her team created in Budapest.

“When nobody talks, knows or hears about it, you might as well not do it”

Besides giving an inspirational speech in #EUKICON22’s panel discussion on the Future Tracks for a green transition, Sven Egenter spoke with us about the importance of communication in climate action.

“We expect a harsh winter”

Since we are not able to provide enough energy with our domestic production, we will either have to import electricity with these rocket-high prices or face blackouts. The government institutions have not proposed any practical steps to face the energy crisis, nor to provide any tangible solutions for thermal energy. So, with the rising energy prices, we expect a harsh winter.

EUKI Interview: Breaking Ground in Rural Poland

We spoke with Rafal Serafin and Piotr Banaszuk from EUKI project “RENALDO”. The project advances the market penetration of the collective prosumer model in rural Poland.

EUKICON22 – Fostering the Green Transition

EUKI’s fifth anniversary was a suitable occasion to reunite for the 4th EUKI conference in Berlin. Pondering on how to foster the green transition in Europe, the conference provided a great opportunity for Europe’s energy transition and climate action community to exchange, share ideas and learn from each other.

“The energy crisis is a turning point”

How can EUKI projects accelerate the green transition? At the 4th EUKI conference, panelists Dr Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf, Anelia Stefanova and Štěpán Vizi discussed current challenges and opportunities for Europe’s energy transition community.