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Ivy climbing up a house wall

EUKI Interview: Architects for Future

We spoke to Lubica Simkovicova, project coordinator of the first EUKI architecture project. “ClimArchiNet” aims to change the approach to building design in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

How does EUKI’s selection procedure work? This article answers the 5 most important questions regarding EUKI’s 5th Call for project ideas

How does EUKI’s selection procedure work? This article answers the most frequently asked questions and provides links to the most relevant documents for preparing a project outline.

The EUKI project YESclima presents itself to the European Commission

EUKI project YESclima is included as Best Practice in the Memorandum on the European Green Deal and the European Youth Guarantee.

EUKI Interview: Reversing the Negative Health Impacts of the Healthcare Sector

We have spoken to Mireia Figueras Alsius from the EUKI project “Low-carbon Healthcare in the Mediterranean Region” about the negative health impacts of the healthcare sector.

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze honours the best Energy Scouts of the year

EUKI project Young Energy Europe helps 10.000 young employees in Greece, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and the Czech Republik with developing their energy saving ideas. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze has honoured the best Energy Scouts of 2020.

Energy Transition: Ideas and action(s) wanted

In August 2020, EUKI project TANDEM launched its call for ideas for the Franco-German Energy Transition Week.

Field trip to Hambacher Forst

Scholarships on climate and energy issues for journalists: Make three from one

EUKI’s media program International Journalist Programs (IJP) once again issues scholarships to climate journalists.

‘Think European – Act local’: Three EU Presidencies, six cities and many ideas for climate action

The new EUKI Project “Three4Climate” connects the Council of the EU presidencies of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia. Six project partner cities from the three countries have shared their expextations and planned climate action meassures with us.

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Climate Projects and the Coronavirus Crisis

We have spoken to experts from various projects and countries and asked how they are managing the current situation with Covid19.