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‘Think European – Act local’: Three EU Presidencies, six cities and many ideas for climate action

The new EUKI Project “Three4Climate” connects the Council of the EU presidencies of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia. Six project partner cities from the three countries have shared their expextations and planned climate action meassures with us.

European Flag

Climate Projects and the Coronavirus Crisis

We have spoken to experts from various projects and countries and asked how they are managing the current situation with Covid19.

Krk vom Wasser aus gesehen

Interview: How does the corona crisis affect an island on its way to becoming energy-autonomous?

We have talked to Climate activist Vjeran Pirsic from Eko Kvarner about the current crisis, its impacts on his work on the Croatian Island Krk and and the potential of the European Green Deal in the light of local and European recovery strategies.

Interview: Online Meetings and a Digital Conference for Energy Efficiency

In March, the ALLIES Consortium got to know that they had to cancel their planned conference on Krk, Croatia, due to the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus. Since then, they have taken a lot of measures to step online with as many meetings as possible.

Interview: Continued Commitment for Climate Action despite the Crisis

Despite the crisis the climate topic is still on the political agenda, reports Aleksander Śniegocki. He highlights that through the use of webbased communication tools the climate dialogue becomes more inclusive and eco-friendly.

Interview: Networking and Support in Times of Social Distancing

OER works closely with local municipalities. Within this community there is a lot to do at the moment. The organisation is therefore trying to tailor its support to their specific tasks and requests, reports Leea Mihaila of OER.

Teilnehmer der von Frank Bold ausgerichteten Veranstaltung

Companies’ Sustainability Disclosures

Ten Energy Scouts from nine Greek companies presented their projects to the jury at the Herakleidon Museum on January 22nd.

Update: Cancellation of EUKI Networking Conference Due to Spread of Corona Virus

We have decided to postpone the conference and also the two preceding trainings for safety reasons.

Energy Scout Projects Awarded in Athens

Ten Energy Scouts from nine Greek companies presented their projects to the jury at the Herakleidon Museum on January 22nd.

View from the “Turm am Schweren Berg”

WWF Launches Report “Just Transition to Climate Neutrality” in Brussels

What is just transition? Partners in the EUKI project “Just Transition Eastern and Southern Europe” presented the findings from the 2.5 year project.