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Interview: A Cypriot Pioneer Project

Interview with Anthi Charalambous of the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) about the results of the ended EUKI Project Business4Climate+ and what is coming next.

Interview: “Climate Action Builds Bridges for the European Union”

Interview with Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf of the Ecologic Institute on the role of climate policy for the reform of the European Union (EU).

View from the “Turm am Schweren Berg”

Mayors for Just Transition

The “Foum of Mayors” in Weißwasser in Brandenburg brought together mayors from European coal-mining regions.


Looking Beyond your Backyard

The European Climate Initiative (EUKI) and IJP supported nine journalists with a grant and got 41 exciting articles as a result.

Sending Emissions on Holiday

Energy Scouts of the tourism sector in Crete, Greece, presented energy efficiency projects to Vassilis Sakas of AHK Greece.

A Journey across the Green Roofs of Hamburg

Representatives of Polish cities visited Hamburg to learn about strategies for green roofs and rainwater management.

Sunny Outlook for Lithuania

The final conference of the EUKI project SOL brought together stakeholders to discuss about solar energy on multi-family houses in Lithuania.

Gruppenfoto mit Energiescouts im Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft

Europe’s best Energy Scouts

In Berlin, DIHK President Schweizer and Environment Minister Schulze honoured the best Energy Scouts from Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Greece.

Avoid, Reduce, Substitute – Climate Action in the School Canteen

How much do school canteens influence our climate? This and other questions were discussed at the CLIKIS final conference in Kraków, Poland.

Vegetable display at farmers market in Piedimonte. You can see oranges, peppers, potatoes, artichokes and other vegetables and fruits.

Local Farmers’ Markets in Sicily

The EUKI project Frutti per la Biosfera organised farmers’ markets in Sicily to promote local and seasonal food with schoolchildren.