The increased use of renewable energies could improve the electricity system in Southeast Europe, according to a report by Agora Energiewende.

Report: Scenarijska Analiza Dugoročnog Planiranja Energetske Potrošnje i Dobave s Posebnim Osvrtom na Elektroenergetski Sustav (Croatian)

The document “Scenario analysis of a long term energy demand and supply with an emphasis on power sector” shows that a high share of variable renewable energy sources in a power sector, in combination with demand response technologies and regional electricity market, is possible for Croatia. EnergyPLAN was used in order to provide hourly simulation of energy system, while a detailed dispatch of power supply units was carried out with DispaSET model. The paper is available only in Croatian language.

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South East Europe Energy Transition Dialogue

Report: Myths and Facts about Deploying Renewables in the Power Systems of Southeast Europe

This study collects the most important myths about renewables deployment in the countries of South East Europe. The publication explains in a fact-based manner the advantages of renewables and shows how renewables integration into the SEE power systems can be successful and benefits of low-cost renewables can be reaped.

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South East Europe Energy Transition Dialogue

Titelblatt der Agora-Studie zu Clean Energy Transition in SEE

Report: A Clean-Energy Transition in Southeast Europe: Challenges, Options and Policy Priorities

This paper addresses the main challenges to a cleanenergy transition in SEE and provides a number of policy recommendations for achieving it. The paper is a result of two projects: the Western Balkans Energy Transition Dialogue project and South East Europe Energy Transition Dialogue.

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South East Europe Energy Transition Dialogue