Excursion of the children's club Le Piccole Guide on the toad nature trail Bufa Bufa

Project Video: Frutti per la Biosfera

In May 2019 children, mayors and local authorities joined an excursion to the toad nature trail “Bufo Bufo” in Sicily.

Frutti per la Biosfera Farm Visits

Schoolchildren of EUKI project Frutti per la Biosfera in Sicily visited two farms and a small museum to learn more about regional food.

Project video: Frutti per la Biosfera

Frutti per la Biosfera trains Sicilian students through practical activities such as garden projects and farm visits. The video shows a visit to an ecological farm in Bronte.

CO2-Neutral Vegetables from Sicilian School Gardens

School classes around Mount Etna opened the second phase of the project ‘Frutti per la Biosfera’ and planted vegetables in the school garden.

Project video: Boschi per la Biosfera in Sicily

Sicilian schoolchildren planted 2,497 trees as part of the “Boschi per la Biosfera – Forests for the Biosphere” project.

Beim Früchte-Gemüse-Ratespiel lernten die Kinder mehr über heimische Feldfrüchte

Fighting Climate Change with Fruits and Vegetables

The new EUKI project Frutti per la Biosfera promotes environmental education, climate action and regional and seasonal food in Sicily.

Frutti per la Biosfera – Fruits for the Biosphere

The project addresses the important role of food in climate change. It promotes vegetarian, seasonal, regional and organic foods through environmental education in schools, and also supports farmers in selling their products locally.

Boschi per la Biosfera – Forests for the Biosphere

With “Boschi per la Biosfera”, local schoolchildren will be educated and encouraged to directly participate in reforestation efforts.