Socially Just Carbon Pricing Policies in CEE

Improving understanding of how to price carbon in the transport and building sectors in Poland and Romania in a socially just manner.

Sustainable Finance for Industry Decarbonisation

Advancing industrial decarbonisation in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

Closing Gaps in the Passenger Transport Policy Framework

The project “Closing Gaps in the Passenger Transport Policy Framework” improves the transport policy frameworks in Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Romania to reduces emissions in the sector.

EU Climate Action Dialogue

The project “EU Climate Action Dialogue” harmonises European long-term climate strategies through fostering dialogue and analysis. The project focuses mainly on the exchange between think tanks and government experts in Southern and Eastern Europe.


CLIMATE RECON 2050 – Intra-EU Exchange to Raise Awareness and Build Capacity on Long-Term Climate Strategies

The project’s core building blocks are the Policy-Maker Platform, a forum for governmental representatives tasked with developing long-term climate strategies to exchange experiences with developing such policy frameworks, highlight best practices and locate synergies, and the Technical Dialogue that brings together modellers and researchers to generate and exchange knowledge on decarbonisation scenarios development, analytical approaches and results presentation.