The technology to harness your own sun and wind energy is easy and accessible to all of us. Anyone can learn and implement these technologies in their day-to-day life and participate in the renewable energy transition.

These free and open online courses teach you the methods and techniques that you can introduce into your life and push the energy transition together with your neighbors and friends.

The best of all: you are not alone, all of us can learn from each other, we share knowledge and act together. It’s time you mobilize your community, your neighborhood, and let your region flourish.

Further Information

  • Are you fascinated by the power of solar and wind energy?
  • Do you want your region to be energy independent?
  • Are you ready to locally self-organize the harvest in the community?
  • Would you team up in your own neighborhood to establish solar and wind power plants and own and control it together?
  • This Course about Community Energy will teach you how.


In these courses you can learn about the secrets of community energy. Practitioners will help you and your community step by step and you can also contact them or visit them if your group needs assistance in any phase of your community energy projects.

For each course you will need only a couple of days and you are free to choose in what order you would like to complete it.

Start the course here: