Ambitious energy legislation to reduce the use of coal in private heating systems

The project raises awareness of air and environmental pollution in Poland. The specific goal is to ban coal from private heating systems.

Tackling climate change and Estonian energy policy: facilitating a meaningful dialogue about future

The project supports a shift towards more climate-friendly energy by facilitating dialogue and putting forward alternatives and solutions for Estonia’s transition to renewable energy by 2030, with a view to making it a net-zero-emissions country by 2050.

Enterprise-Level GHG Reduction Initiative, Business4Climate+ in Cyprus

The project addresses the challenge of financing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction in Cyprus. It aims to develop tools which will create the necessary dynamics for building enterprise-level solutions to reduce GHG emissions.

Climate Policies as the New Trade Mark of the EU

The project aims to make energy and climate policies a central issue of the EU reform debate. It will convene opinion leaders through workshops in Tallinn, Sofia and Bucharest.

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South East Europe Energy Transition Dialogue

The project seeks to advance progressive thinking and action about decarbonisation and national/regional energy transition strategies in SEE. Furthermore, it will develop evidence-based strategies for ensuring a successful energy transition.

Young Energy Europe

Young Energy Europe is a project with the aim to enhance climate protection measures in companies. Young professionals from a wide range of sectors will be trained to become Energy Scouts allowing them to help monitor and reduce energy consumption in their companies.