CLIKIS – Climate friendly Kitchen in Schools

The CLIKIS project disseminates approaches and measures for climate-friendly school meals in Poland.

Krk vom Wasser aus gesehen

Krk on the way to becoming a carbon-neutral and energy-autonomous island

The aim of the project is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the island of Krk. By installing solar power more widely, Krk is to become the first energy-autonomous island in the Mediterranean region.

Towards the introduction of Climate Action in the Educational Curriculum of Bulgarian Schools

The project goal is the institutionalisation of a permanent interdisciplinary teachers’ training programme on climate action and energy efficiency and the improved energy efficiency of school buildings and related reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, based on the changed behaviour of teachers and students during the lifetime of the project and beyond.

Landschaft in Andalusien

YESclima – Young experts for climate-friendly schools in Mediterranean countries

The objective of the YESclima project is to train young energy experts to carry out energy audits in primary schools and to provide advice to the municipalities involved in the project. With their practice and additional training, the project goal is to increase their chances of working while at the same time contributing to reducing emissions from heating and cooling in public buildings.

Climate Mitigation through Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Poland: Harnessing knowledge and experiences for climate-resilient cities (Climate NBS Polska)

The project’s goal is to create multiple opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Polish cities. The aim is to increase the understanding, acceptance and uptake of multifunctional nature-based solutions (NBS) as a climate mitigation measure among a range of stakeholder groups and across numerous cities in Poland.

Frutti per la Biosfera – Fruits for the Biosphere

The project addresses the important role of food in climate change. It promotes vegetarian, seasonal, regional and organic foods through environmental education in schools, and also supports farmers in selling their products locally.

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON)

Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON) is a project promoting climate action and facilitating an exchange between national governments as well as municipalities and schools in Europe. The aim of the project is to strengthen bi- and multilateral cooperation and create common ambition to realise the Paris Agreement.

Boschi per la Biosfera – Forests for the Biosphere

With “Boschi per la Biosfera”, local schoolchildren will be educated and encouraged to directly participate in reforestation efforts.

Build Bridges for Climate Protection

The project aims at social innovation (new citizenship, job integration) in terms of resource efficiency, circular economy and climate protection (energy, water, waste) to create – in a visionary initial vocational training and education situation – skills and pathways for refugees and recent migrants, usable in countries of both origin and destination.

ALLIES – Activating and Learning from Local Investment in Energy Savings

ALLIES plans to activate investments in cost-effective energy efficiency projects by means of local approaches involving citizens and local businesses as investors, facilitators and beneficiaries.