Socially Just Carbon Pricing Policies in CEE

Improving understanding of how to price carbon in the transport and building sectors in Poland and Romania in a socially just manner.

Improving C-Balances in Organic Farms

The ‘Improving C-Balances in Organic Farms’ project is spreading the necessary knowledge to increase carbon sequestration on farms in Slovenia and Serbia.

Sustainable Finance for Industry Decarbonisation

Advancing industrial decarbonisation in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.


Advancing low-carbon transport through the promotion of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia.

UPGREAT – Training Tool for Efficient Schools

The project upskills construction professionals in Greece and Cyprus for deep energy efficiency renovations of school buildings.


The EDU-CLIC project team targets waste management staff and landfill operators and provides them with the necessary knowledge on how to make waste management more sustainable.


Green Growth Partnership 2021

Creating a discussion space to advance the Fit for 55 package. Fit for 55 is a package of policy proposals on how to meet the EU’s climate target: reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 per cent by 2030 (as compared to 1990). The overall goal of the Commission is to become climate neutral by 2050 in a fair, holistic, and balanced way.

Science & Journalism for Climate Action

The project team strenghtens the ties between journalism and science to increase public awareness on climate change in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia.

Low-Carbon Investment in Budapest

The project “Low-Carbon Investment in Budapest” fosters low-carbon investments in Budapest by exploring and promoting the possibilities of large-scale urban rooftop solar instalments.

Alpine Tourism after the Corona Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities

The project “Alpine Tourism after the Corona Crisis” adds a critical contribution to the current discourse on appropriate post-Covid recovery packages and the future development of Alpine tourism, thus laying the basis for sustainable, environmentally friendly and resilient tourism.