InventAir: Inventories of energy poverty to support clean air policies in Eastern European countries

The project aims to explore the multiple environmental and climate impacts of energy poverty by focusing on the development and implementation of clean air and energy poverty policies in Eastern European countries (EEC). In the long term, the project will help shape local, national and EU policies and actions for tackling energy poverty and air pollution by raising public awareness and highlighting the link between inefficient heating practices among energy-poor households and rapid air pollution in their communities.

International Cooperation Forum “Clean Heat”

The project will connect businesses and international experts and use best experiences from Europe. The basic assumption of the project is that the modernization plan should contribute to Poland’s achievement of energy and climate targets in 2030 and reduce air pollution substantially.

Personen vor Windrädern

South East Europe Energy Transition Dialogue

The project seeks to advance progressive thinking and action about decarbonisation and national/regional energy transition strategies in SEE. Furthermore, it will develop evidence-based strategies for ensuring a successful energy transition.

Accelerating the Energy Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe and Learning from the German Experience

This project will step up the role of civil society in increasing the climate ambition in CEE countries where climate policy has been traditionally difficult to implement.

Paludiculture in the Baltic Countries – Climate Protection by Productive Use of Rewetted Peatlands

The project will tackle obstacles for implementing climate-friendly peatland management in the Baltic countries by assessing the feasibility to use drained peatlands in paludiculture after rewetting to substitute fossil resources e.g. peat mosses as horticultural substrates or reed as fuel on newly evolved markets for products in the EU.

Hotel in den Alpen

Energy Management in Alpine Hotels

The conference “Energy Management in Alpine Hotels” was intended to encourage hoteliers in the Alps to implement energy management systems to gain a systematic approach on energy saving and performance improvement. It brought together stakeholders from the hospitality and other relevant sectors from all over the Alps in order to scale-up the knowledge transfer and networks initiated during previous projects.