Sustainable Finance for Industry Decarbonisation

Advancing industrial decarbonisation in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

Zeichnung Container Umwelt

Climate Change – See, Feel, Change

Encouraging people in Lithuania and Latvia to engage in climate action through a mobile museum.

Baltic Peatland Farmers Capturing Carbon

The “Baltic Peatland Farmers Capture Carbon” project enables farmers and land-users in the Baltic countries to implement wet and carbon-neutral peatland farming.

Distributing the Impacts of Carbon Pricing in CEE

The ‘Distributing the Impacts of Carbon Pricing in CEE’ project works to mitigate the negative impacts of carbon pricing in Central and Eastern European countries.

Balkan Solar Roofs

The project team engages city administrations and citizens in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in solar community energy.

Bio Screen CEE

The Bio Screen CEE project evaluates plans for biomass energy use in the context of the transition from coal as energy in Central and Eastern Europe. It recommends sustainable alternatives to biomass from forestry.


Low-carbon Healthcare in the Mediterranean Region

HCWH Europe’s latest Climate-smart Healthcare project will help develop the Mediterranean as a best-practice region for low-carbon healthcare .