Four cyclists are visible in separated screens

Project video: Cyclurban

The video shows the work of the EUKI project Cyclurban, which promotes cycling in an urban context.

This document has been inspired by the specific demand to address the cross-cutting issue of poor heating practices and increased air pollution in urban and rural
areas in the EEC.

Publication: Step-by-step development of Woodstove changeout roadmap

Woodstove exchange roadmaps can become strong policy instruments for medium and long-term energy planning. They aim to alleviate energy poverty and reduce harmful emissions from wood and coal combustion. Such roadmaps are a basis for wood exchange programmes. These provide information and encourage citizens to replace old and inefficient stoves with modern, clean heating systems.

This publication explains step by step how such a plan can be developed using the InventAir project methodology.

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InventAir: Inventories of energy poverty to support clean air policies in Eastern European countries