Green Business Ideas for Climate Protection and Agricultural Economy – First Pitch Event of green Start-ups on Crete in the project GreenTecLab

GTL – Green Tec Labs

The first start-up pitches in the project “GreenTecLab” took place in Heraklion, Crete. Nine Projects presented their innovative business ideas in the fields of sustainable tourism and organic agriculture.

The second EUKI brochure presents all the projects funded since 2019, with clear information about the wide range of approaches to climate action in Europe. Find out more about the major milestones of the last two years, the steadily growing EUKI Academy and project successes in the various countries.

Climate Action Connecting Europe – EUKI Publishes its Second Brochure

News report

Climate Action Connecting Europe – EUKI Publishes its Second Brochure

by Oliver Hölcke, GIZ/EUKI

The European Union’s strategic vision – to achieve a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 – shaped EUKI’s project work in 2019 and 2020. EUKI’s new brochure published on 29 July reveals just how strong this influence is.

Since 2017, EUKI has been funding projects that advance the energy transformation across national borders and look for solutions to the global climate crisis. The organisation has so far launched 128 projects across Europe with funding amounting to EUR 32.6 million. Most of the projects help in achieving the EU’s climate goals by reducing energy consumption and thus bringing down greenhouse-gas emissions.

This new brochure presents clear information about EUKI’s many and varied approaches to climate change mitigation – EUKI focuses on countries in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and on the Baltic states.

This is precisely where EUKI’s Smart Climate Cities project operates. It is a strategy for using digital technologies in the cities and municipalities of the future to support the necessary social and ecological transformation so they can become climate-neutral by 2050.

Several EUKI projects are working to improve the information reaching the general public in Central and Eastern European countries on climate change mitigation topics. In Bulgaria, for example, school students have learned how to be more economical with energy. Not only has this improved energy efficiency in schools, but the subject is also going to be placed on the curriculum of other schools in Bulgaria. Other areas where EUKI is active have also developed successful approaches that are spreading throughout Europe.

EUKI brochure 2021 quote SB EN

EUKI has also constantly connected climate change activists at the public, municipal, civil society, economic and education policy level with one another and strengthened joint learning.

Dr Silke Karcher, Head of Division at BMU, says: ‘I see the great strides we have made in the climate protection sector, not just in discussions with local initiatives but also in cooperation measures with colleagues from other EU member states. Gone are the days when Europeans believed climate protection efforts were split into an Eastern and Western European camp. Climate protection has clearly become a joint project for all EU states. Of course, difficult discussions lie ahead but there is now a united front.’

This barrier-free PDF can be downloaded in German or English.

EUKI Report 2021

EUKI Brochure Climate Action Connecting Europe

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GreenTecLab: Green Recovery – New Start-ups and Projects for Greece, Spain and Slovakia

GTL – Green Tec Labs

The GreenTecLabs project motivates potential founders of green start-ups to contribute to European Recovery and delevop business ideas and create jobs in three regions in Greece, Spain and Slovakia. The article gives a brief overview of the next steps of the project.

Alpine Tourism after the Corona Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities

The project “Alpine Tourism after the Corona Crisis” adds a critical contribution to the current discourse on appropriate post-Covid recovery packages and the future development of Alpine tourism, thus laying the basis for sustainable, environmentally friendly and resilient tourism.

Clima Host II – Alpine Climate Action Competition in the Hotel and Catering Industry

The project “Clima Host” organises its second climate action competition in the Alpine region and aims to trigger emission reductions in tourist accommendations.

GTL – Green Tec Labs

The project “Green Tec Lab” is addressed at creative young people and establishes support structures as well as an international network for green start-ups in Greece, Spain and Slovakia.

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze honours the best Energy Scouts of the year

EUKI project Young Energy Europe helps 10.000 young employees in Greece, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and the Czech Republik with developing their energy saving ideas. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze has honoured the best Energy Scouts of 2020.

The European Energy Scout Award Ceremony went online

Young Energy Europe

For the first time, the Award Ceremony for all European Energy Scouts took place online from Athens. The German-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited the best European Energy Scout teams of the 2019 class. The Energy Scouts were honoured for their outstanding energy saving projects which are an ongoing contribution to making their companies more innovative, competitive, and climate friendly.

Good for Resources and Finances

Young Energy Europe is enabling companies to save money but also to significantly cut their emissions. In the first year alone, 101 young employees from 41 companies in four countries have taken part in training on energy and resource efficiency, equipping them to identify energy saving potential in their own companies. Improved processes have had a beneficial financial impact in many companies, boosting the acceptability of climate change mitigation measures.