EUKI Highlight

Children stand in a meadow and look to a woman. In the foreground: the word “Promoting” pops up on a blue background. Three lines connect the word to fields with “Dialogue”, “Capacity Building” and “Good Practice”.screenshot/ Youtube

The European Climate Initiative (EUKI)

Our video gives a brief introduction to the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) and presents the objectives, instruments as well as selected project examples.

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Project video: Franco-German Energy Transition Week

The Franco-German Energy Transition Week adresses cities, municipalities and regions on both sides of the Rhine to cooperate in climate protection. The video introduces the project and gives local actors a voice.

Project video: ZEWKlima

“With new energy against youth unemployment” is the motto of the ZEWKlima project. Specific trainings can better prepare young people for the job market. The video gives insights into the project work.