ClimArchiNet Workshop 2Nancy Bourque Pexels

22. April 2021 - 2nd ClimArchiNet Workshop with Experts

The „ClimArchiNet“ project continues with Workshop No. 2.

Focus is on architects and their approach to the design and construction of more sustainable and energy efficient buildings in Czech Republic.

During Virtual Panel Discussion we will look for a practical answers to these topics:

  1. How can building design contribute to climate protection?
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the DesignBuild & Performance method?
  3. Will the pilot project of this method convince even future investors?
  4. Will cities be the motivators for change?

Date and Time: 22. April 2021,  10-12 am (CET)

Virtual event via Livestorm.  Please register here.

Target groups: architects, civil engineers, energy experts, municipalities and cities

Meet the points published in DECLARATION OF SUSTAINABILITY. And JOIN US!


This event is free of charge and will be held in Czech language.

Organised by: Passive house centre Czech Republic

In cooperation with: iEPD (Passive Housing Institute Slovakia)

Supported by: the European Climate Initiative (EUKI)