25. Februar 2022 - 3rd ClimArchiNet Workshop with Experts for architects and cities/municipalities

The „ClimArchiNet“ project continues with Workshop No. 3.
Focus is on architects and their approach to the design and construction of more sustainable and energy efficient buildings in the Czech Republic.

Date and Time: 25. February 2022, 10am-12 pm (CET)
Online event in Virtual CENTRE / Gather.town.

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This event is free of charge and will be held in Czech language.

During the online panel discussion with the expert team we will look for a practical answers to these topics:

  1. How best to get sustainability criteria into architectural competitions for the design/construction/renovation of buildings/quarters at optimal cost?
  2.  How to innovate competitions with respect to TAXONOMY, ESG?
  3. How to specify/innovate the procurement of different levels of investment and at what stage of the process to invite specialists in their field?
  4. How and when is it worthwhile to use existing subsidy titles (increase motivation and awareness of architects and municipalities)?

The expert group of the project will share their recommendations from practice.
During the workshop we want to discuss 1-2 model examples from the practice of reconstruction/new building construction in the Czech Republic.

Together with guests from municipalities, who will share their practical experience in the preparation of architectural assignments or competitions, we will help to create a signpost for public procurers of sustainable architecture, which should serve for a good orientation in the whole process and steps when commissioning the construction of new or adapted buildings with sustainability parameters / energy efficient buildings, linked to modern energy.


Target groups: architects, municipalities and cities, civil engineers, energy experts
Meet the points published in DECLARATION OF SUSTAINABILITY. And JOIN US!

Organised by: Passive house centre Czech Republic
In cooperation with: iEPD (Passive Housing Institute Slovakia)
Supported by: the European Climate Initiative (EUKI)