Sharepic für die Tschechien Konferenz von CLIMASUMCLIMASUM

12 April 2023 - Conference: ‘MaaS and the promotion of cycling in (not only) smaller cities’

A bicycle is an ideal means of transport for short distances, for example within a small town. What are the possibilities, methods and experiences in promoting cycling? Can the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) help in this respect? The EUKI project CLIMASUM is co-hosting a conference in Říčany near Prague, one of these “smaller” cities that are successfully trying to promote the development of cycling in their territory, to share tools, practices and the challenges of Říčany and other cities.

Date: 12 April 2023

Time: 09.00-16.15 CEST


Michal Bajgart, Alena Klímová, Transport Research Centre, Secretariat of CIVINET Czech and Slovak Republic

David Michalicka, Mayor of Ricany

Petr Aurednik, Councillor of Ricany

Renáta Kr, Head of the Transport and Administration Department, Otrokovice City

Jana Gazdíková, Sustainable Mobility and Smart City Coordinator, Přerov City

Václav Lužný, Head of the Department of Development and Investment Plans, Prostějov City

Zuzana Švédová, Transport Research Centre, researcher

Peter Trnka, Transport Urbanism and Sustainable Mobility Officer, Trnava City Council

Silvia Prokopová, TTSK cycling coordinator, Trnava self-governing region

Peter Mesarč, Project Manager, Bolt

Ondřej Nejedlý, regional coordinator of monitoring cyclists and pedestrians

The working language will be in Czech. You can find more information on the workshop here, and register here.