31. Mai 2022 - Environment-friendly and healthy food – how do we recognize it?

By adopting sustainable purchasing habits, consumers can make an important contribution to addressing climate crisis, while also taking care of their health. Eco-labels and certificates can help us with this. However, in the multitude of labels on food products, it is difficult to identify those that are trustworthy and that assure the selected products are truly environment and health-friendly. It is therefore important to learn about these issues and, as conscious consumers,make more sustainable decisions in all areas – including food.

Umanotera in collaboration with ZPS – Slovene Consumers‘ Association
invites you to an online event

Environment-friendly and healthy food –
how do we recognize it?

TUESDAY, MAY 31 2022
10 AM – 11.15 AM ON ZOOM

Experts from The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), Umanotera – The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development and ZPS – Slovene Consumers‘ Association will be answering the following questions:
• What is environment-friendly and healthy food?
• How do we understand sustainable nutrition in Slovenia?
• What sustainability labels and certificates can be found on food?
• What labels can we trust as consumers?
• What percentage of food in stores is organic and how comprehensible is this offer?
• Where is organic food positioned in stores?
• How is the problem of misleading nutrition labeling being tackled at the EU level?

Due to its relevance, vast amount of information provided and useful practical tips, the event is aimed at anyone who wishes to better understand food labels and learn to recognise more sustainable products.

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