29. März 2022 - Journalist Seminar in Lithuania

The seminar „Climate emergency calling – how to write to be heard?“ invites journalists working in the regional media to acquire knowledge about climate change and use it in their work.

The participants in the seminar are going to listen to the seminar’s speaker, Silvestras Dikčius – an independent expert on climate change, a professional meteorologist, and a prominent collector of Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) who writes on climate change and environmental issues. 

The topics of the webinar are:

• Climate change;
• Global and European climate strategies;
• Lithuania’s situation about climate change.

Webinar. March 29, 11-12:30 p.m.

The program consists of two parts:

 1- Political strategies in Lithuania and the EU. 

 2- How to communicate about the climate museum?

 The session is part of the EUKI project „Climate Museum – See, Feel, Change.“ The Climate Museum is Lithuania’s first mobile museum, with the goal of inspiring society, particularly the youth, to take action on climate policy and live and develop a climate-friendly lifestyle.