18. Mai 2022 - Challenges & Potentials of Collaboration Software for Climate Projects and Green Entrepreneurship

‘EUKI Speed Exchange – Communicating Climate Action’ is a virtual format where EUKI projects get right to the point and give a concentrated input on different communication topics.

On 18 May, 10:00 AM, the GreenTecLab project, which supports founders of green startups, will share its experience in building a collaboration platform. GTL will walk us through the numerous application potentials the software offers, but also talk about the difficulties they have encountered in its implementation. 


  • Silke Steinberg, Managing Director, FIAP e.V., GreenTecLab
  • Romina Große, Research Associate, FIAP e.V., GreenTecLab

EUKI Project: GTL – Green Tec Labs

Join the webseminar via this link.