22. April 2021 - EUKI Academy Training – Visual Communication

In this EUKI Academy webseminar session, you learn how to create appealing visual content to communicate your EUKI project. You get an Introduction to Photography, filming with your smartphone and simple editing of photos and videos.


The training is divided into three blocks:

1. At first, we visit the small photography school and talk about perspective, image perception, image composition and group shots. Speaker: Oliver Hölcke, Advisor for Public Relations and Photographer, EUKI Secretariat

2. In the second part we go into video practice. How do I record a short video message? Which format do I use for which channel? How do I film correctly? Stabilisation, good sound and light, additional tools and apps. Speaker: Jakub Obarzanek, Director of Photography, Studio 36 Berlin

3. In the last block, you learn how to edit your photos and videos with the online tool Canva. Speaker: Isabelle Rogge, Creative Director, Studio 36 Berlin


The EUKI Academy Training on Visual Communication takes places on 22 April, from 11am to 1 pm. If you are interested in joining the session, please contact us via infoeuki.de.