Humus per la Biosfera – Start of Soil Analysis

Humus per la Biosfera

In June a series of soil tests on experimental fields near Bronte started with the University of Catania. The humus content and growth will be measured over the next ten years using various factors.

Climate Action at Mount Etna – Years of Work bear Fruit

Planting trees, growing vegetables, composting waste – climate action and nature conservation can be very practical and fun. This is something the Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung and local conservation organisation Giacche Verdi Bronte have been teaching for several years now through three projects funded by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI).

EUKI in German TV: Report on Young Volunteers and Students within the Project Humus per la Biosfera

Humus per la Biosfera

A TV team from the Bayerische Rundfunk accompanied our activities to report on the daily Sicilian life of young German volunteers, who are contributing to nature protection and environmental education within the Humus project.

Humus per la Biosfera: Formation and Sensitisation for Humus Growth

Humus per la Biosfera

The face-to-face conference was aimed at 82 high school agricultural students from two schools and their teachers (12), as well as GV staff, their volunteers and four university students. The live webinar was attended by 76 farmers who had recently participated in a survey conducted by GV/MHS and the University of Catania on the economic and environmental situation of their farms.

Composting and other Environmental Activities in School Yards

Humus per la Biosfera

16 Schools and more than 1700 children participated in Composting and other Activities in the second phase of EUKI project “Humus per la Biosfera”.

Promoting Bike-to-Public-Transport Intermodality

The Hinge project promotes the intermodality of cycling with public transport in Italy, Hungary and Romania.

Climate Bridges

The Climate Bridges project team aims to form a climate action network in the Western Balkan to advance transnational climate policy in the region.

Humus per la Biosfera

The project team supports humus growth and carbon sequestration in Sicily’s agriculture through field and educational work in schools and with volunteers.

Wanted: The Best Climate Action Ideas from Hoteliers in the Alpine Region

On 1 September, the second climate action competition “ClimaHost II” was launched. Hotels, hostels, youth hostels, inns, guesthouses or mountain huts from the Alpine region that have implemented exemplary climate action measures and contribute to a sustainable tourism offer can apply.

Climate Transition Plans: How EU standards can help companies to focus on the right data

Improved Sustainability Corporate Disclosure Policies

Across the EU, companies struggle with analysing climate risks and opportunities and providing the right data about their climate transition plans. This article focusses on methodology that can be used to simplify this process.