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Project Funding

We fund selected projects that promote cross-border climate action in Europe. Funding of between 120,000 and 1 Million euros will be awarded per project, following a Europe-wide call for project ideas that we put out every year.

Are you interested in EUKI funding? Read the financing information on the current call for project ideas when the application phase starts.

Is your organisation eligible for funding?

Your organisation is eligible if it is:

  • a non-governmental organisation (NGO)
  • a regional or local authority
  • a non-profit enterprise; or
  • a University or other educational institution.

Your organisation is headquartered in:

  • an EU member state or
  • one of the following EU candidate countries or potential candidate countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia or Serbia.

In which countries does the EUKI support climate projects?

  • The EUKI funds projects in all EU member states and the (potential) candidate countries of the Western Balkans.
  • The regional focus is on Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, the Baltic States and the Western Balkans. At least half of the project funds must go to the target countries in these regions.
  • The EUKI supports cross-border cooperation: funded climate projects should have partner organisations in several European countries.

What exactly does the EUKI fund?

The EUKI projects work in the following areas:

  • Climate-Neutral Mobility
  • Climate Policy
  • Carbon Removals and Sinks
  • Energy Transition and Climate-Neutral Buildings
  • Just Transition
  • Sustainable Economy

Two steps to get funded

Step 1: Submit a project outline

The first step is to provide an outline of your project: explain the existing challenges and goals, and the actions needed to achieve them. You can find the information on financing and all other necessary documents in the document box below, when the application phase starts:

All project outlines received in full by the deadline will be reviewed based on fixed criteria.

Step 2: Submit a complete project proposal

If your project outline is selected by the EUKI, you will be invited to prepare a full project proposal in Step 2. You must submit the proposal within four to six weeks after the invitation and find the relevant documents below.

Start implementing your project

Congratulations! Once your project proposal has been accepted and the grant agreement (see example) signed, you can start implementing project activities. At the same time, you will also begin the financial management of the project. You find all the key information about managing your project, including some helpful tutorials, on the For Projects page.

This video explains the EUKI Selection Procedure in three minutes

About the EUKI funding

Dr. Robert Habeck, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

„Germany is to be climate-neutral by 2045. In Europe we have set the goal to achieve this by 2050. We can only meet those challenges when we think of climate action, energy policy and economic development as joint European efforts. This is why we use EUKI to fund projects which accelerate the phase-out from fossil fuels and the expansion of renewable energies across borders.”

Dr. Joana Maćkowiak-Pandera, President and Founder of Forum Energii

„In our Clean Heat project, EUKI funding enabled us to conduct analyses of air pollution in the country and draft strategies or low-emission heat generation. The results were published in 2020 by the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment, and significantly informed the decision to stop burning coal in cities by 2030 and villages by 2040.“

Stefanie Ziska, Managing Director of AHK Croatia

“The EUKI funding enabled our project Young Energy Europe to educate 843  young professionals in eight CEE countries to become Energy Scouts. They receive an energy efficiency training and directly apply the knowledge in their companies in a practical project, reducing energy consumption, related costs and saving CO2 at the same time. The results are impressive – since 2018 Energy Scouts revealed total savings of 116.000 MWh of electricity and 106.000 tons of CO2 per year in their workplaces.”

For your assessment: The previous selection procedure 2022/2023

  • The application window for the 7th EUKI call for project ideas closed on 13 Januar 2023.

    Updates on the next EUKI call for project ideas will be pusblished on this webseite, in the EUKI newsletter and on our Social Media channels TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

  • At the Info Day, the teams behind EUKI and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) will give an overview of the eligibility criteria, financing objectives and target groups. This event will help you to write a suitable project proposal for the focus topics.

    Please carefully read the full Information on Financing for the 7th call for project ideas before submitting your project outline.

  • Project outlines should be prepared in English, indicating the issue to be addressed, project goals and planned measures. These must be submitted by the deadline using only the online application tool (platform for project outlines) on the EUKI website.

  • All project outlines received in full by the deadline will be evaluated. A shortlist of promising project ideas will then be drawn up based on the selection criteria and limited by the available budget.

    Project ideas not selected for financing will be notified by email.

  • Organisations on the shortlist will be invited to submit a full project proposal within four to six weeks. The invitation is sent by email to the main implementer.

  • Information sessions on proposal development will be offered to the organisations selected. It is provisionally scheduled to take place in June 2023.

  • Shortlisted applicants will be asked to submit their full project proposals.

    Incomplete project proposals – including proposals without English translations – can result in exclusion from the selection procedure and thus from any project funding.

  • Congratulations! You’ve made it and your project can start.

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