Climate Policy 

With the topic of climate policy, the EUKI supports projects that strengthen knowledge building, research, and advice at the local level, as well as advance national and European climate policy. Projects may deal, for example, with strategies for climate neutrality in municipalities and cities, raise awareness about climate change, or build and establish transnational networks on climate and energy issues. 

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Effective climate action requires good climate policy at all levels of governance. This includes all actions, laws, measures, and regulations taken by political decision-makers, state organisations, and governments. However, municipalities often lack the expertise and personnel to plan and implement suitable climate action measures and to publicly promote them.  

EUKI projects strengthening Climate Policy in Europe

The European Green Deal is the foundation of European climate policy. With the adoption of the European Climate Law, the targets for 2030 and 2050 are legally binding. Particularly with the Fit for 55 package, the EU is implementing its 2030 climate goals. To achieve its climate and energy targets by 2030, the EU establishes common rules for planning, reporting, and monitoring in the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action. Under this regulation, EU member states develop integrated National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) based on a common template and update them regularly. On the path to climate neutrality by 2050, the EU still has a long way to go.  
Beyond energy, buildings, and mobility, all sectors are involved – including industry and agriculture. The EU climate target for 2040 and the climate action framework for the post-2030 period are yet to be defined. The local and regional development of climate action approaches is a crucial foundation for implementing national and European climate goals.

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